Distracted Truck Driving: The Role of Cell Phones and Texting in Accidents in Alabama

Using a cell phone while driving is a dangerous distraction for anyone, but especially for commercial truck drivers. Trucks weighing up to 80,000 pounds when loaded can cause catastrophic damage when they crash. Unfortunately, distracted driving is a common cause of truck accidents in Alabama. Our personal injury law firm in Montgomery has resources if you were harmed in a preventable Alabama collision.

Cell Phone Use While Driving – The Statistics

Cell phone use while driving is a dangerous epidemic nationwide and in Alabama. Phones play a major role in distracted driving crashes based on concerning statistics:

  • Cell phone use contributed to 12% of all car accidents across U.S. roadways in 2020, per the National Traffic Safety Administration. This indicates over 1 in 10 crashes involve distracted drivers focused on phones over safe vehicle operation.
  • Approximately 3,000 people lose their lives annually in the U.S. due to distracted driving collisions. This accounts for 8-9% of all deadly crashes.
  • An average of 9 people die every day across the United States from distracted driving incidents.
  • Drivers spend over 1 and a half minutes on their phones for every hour on the road. This risky phone interaction while driving increased over 30% since pre-pandemic times.
  • Currently 24 states have enacted hands-free driving laws, but Alabama does not yet restrict phone use for drivers outside of texting bans.

As large trucks require greater stopping distance and attention, distracted driving poses amplified risks of collisions with severe injuries or fatalities. Reducing cell phone distractions is crucial for safety.

The Dangers of Distracted Truck Driving in Alabama

With its extensive highway system crisscrossing the state, Alabama experiences high volumes of commercial truck traffic. The Alabama Department of Transportation reported over 10,000 crashes occurring in 2020 which involved a large truck like a semi or tractor-trailer. Cell phone use is frequently a contributing factor, although specific metrics are unavailable.

Distracted driving violates Alabama state law and endangers everyone when truckers take their focus away from driving. Truck crashes lead to significantly more serious injuries and death compared to standard auto accidents due to their massive size and weight.

Survivors often face long-term physical disabilities, emotional trauma, expensive medical bills, lost income and lowered quality of life. Wrongful death cases leave families without a loved one and facing substantial grief and financial hardship.

Preventing Distracted Driving Truck Crashes

While Alabama has passed legislation banning texting and driving, changing behavior continues to be a challenge. Trucking companies should have clear policies prohibiting cell phone use behind the wheel. Violations should lead to disciplinary action or termination.

Truck drivers need to understand the huge risks involved with distracted driving. All motorists on Alabama’s roadways must make safe, focused driving their top priority behind the wheel.

Lives depend on it.

What to Do After a Truck Accident in Alabama

Survivors of truck collisions often benefit from contacting an experienced Alabama truck accident attorney. An attorney guides victims through the claims process, thoroughly investigates fault and seeks maximum financial compensation under the law.

Many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, not charging upfront legal fees and only getting paid if they secure compensation for their client. Contact an attorney from Monge & Associates promptly after any truck crash to learn about your legal options and the best path forward during the difficult period following an accident.

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