Deadly Tire Blowouts: Investigating Whether a Defect is to Blame in South Carolina

Driving along the highways, byways, and scenic routes of South Carolina, the last thing you’d expect is a sudden tire blowout. It is an unsettling experience that can catch even the most seasoned driver off guard. What’s behind these unexpected blowouts? Common culprits include overinflation, underinflation, and the natural wear and tear of tires.

Tire blowouts can also be caused by defects in the tire manufacturing process, the installation process, and structural defects in your car’s wheel assemblies. A blowout on the road may not be caused by something as simple as a nail on the road or tire wear; there could be a deeper cause from a design flaw. These flaws often lead to car accidents on the roads of South Carolina. Fortunately, a car accident lawyer in Charleston, SC can help you determine your options following a crash.

Manufacturing and Design Flaws in Tire Failures

When you invest in a set of tires for your vehicle, you expect them to be reliable and safe. Sometimes, despite your best efforts and regular maintenance, tires can fail due to inherent manufacturing or design flaws.

Manufacturing flaws arise from errors during the production process. These can include issues like improper curing, which can weaken the tire’s structure. Design flaws can also be present in the tire’s original design blueprint. A design that does not distribute weight evenly can make the tire more susceptible to blowouts, and this is often the cause of tire blowouts on heavy vehicles, which contributes to truck accidents. Not all tire failures are a result of external factors or neglect. Sometimes, the root cause lies in the tire’s very foundation.

Manufacturer Liability and Tire Defects

Our legal system in South Carolina has provisions in place, known as product liability laws, to protect drivers like you from manufacturer’s design defects in all types of consumer products including tires. These laws ensure that if a tire’s defect causes you or your loved ones harm, those responsible will not escape accountability.

This is less about laying blame on the manufacturer and more about rectifying design flaws and preventing future incidents. If you ever face an accident and suspect a tire defect is at its core, remember to gather evidence and help from an attorney.

Why Legal Representation Is Crucial After a Tire-Related Crash

A motor vehicle accident can be a disorienting and scary experience no matter what caused it. In the aftermath of a crash, it is crucial to get legal representation. Tire defect cases, which often mean challenging an established and wealthy manufacturer in court, require an experienced and competent attorney. A skilled attorney can sift through the details, ascertain if a tire defect played a role, and advise you on the next steps.

Their role is to shield your rights and make sure that you receive fair compensation for any harm caused or financial losses. With a legal professional like one of our attorneys at Monge & Associates in your corner, you equip yourself with the expertise and backing needed to tackle the legal challenges ahead and pursue the justice you deserve.

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