Crashed Because of Airbag Failure? Holding Manufacturers Accountable in Utah

Airbags have changed road safety by safeguarding drivers and passengers during collisions. When you take a drive, you place your trust in airbags and other protective mechanisms that should spring into action when the worst happens on the road. Sometimes they might not deploy, potentially exposing you and your passengers to greater harm, or can deploy when they are not required and actually cause a collision.

Safety features like airbags can be lifesaving but also life-threatening. Though situations where airbags cause harm rather than save lives are rare, they can still happen, and they can happen to you. When an accident occurs and an airbag is a major contributor to the cause of the accident, it can be difficult to hold the manufacturers of the vehicle or the airbags accountable and get the attention and compensation that the victims deserve. Airbags deploying or failing to deploy can have life-changing consequences for the occupants of the vehicle.

Why Airbags Sometimes Fail to Deploy

Airbags are designed to be your vehicle’s frontline defense during a collision, cushioning you and your passengers from potential harm. However, there are instances when these protective barriers do not deploy as expected, leaving everyone inside the car vulnerable. What could cause such a crucial safety feature to malfunction?

A common reason is faulty electrical components. If there is a disconnect between your vehicle’s sensors and the airbags, they might not receive the signal needed to deploy. Severed wiring due to the force of a collision can also interrupt the communication, preventing the airbags from inflating.

Advanced system failures in newer vehicles may also play a role. Some cars have airbag systems that deactivate when they detect a lightweight passenger in the front seat, such as a child or baby carrier. If this system misreads an adult’s weight, the airbag might not deploy even with a full-size adult in the seat. Design or manufacturing defects within the airbag itself can also prevent it from inflating, even if all other components are functioning correctly. Any of these defects can cause an airbag to fail or deploy incorrectly, causing personal injuries. A Salt Lake City personal injury lawyer can help you fight for justice after an accident caused by a vehicle defect.

The Injuries That Defective Airbags Cause

Airbags can deploy with too much force or at an incorrect angle. The result? Potential facial injuries ranging from minor cuts to more serious fractures. It is not just the face that’s at risk; your arms or wrists might bear the brunt of the impact, leading to fractures or sprains. In particularly forceful deployments, there could also be injuries caused to the skull or the brain.

Then there are eye injuries. The powerful burst from an airbag can inflict blunt force trauma, jeopardizing your vision. Some people may suffer burns or skin irritations that can be traced back to the chemicals used to make airbags inflate rapidly.

But the potential harm doesn’t stop there. Your neck and spine are vulnerable too. A sudden airbag deployment can cause a violent jolt, resulting in conditions like whiplash or even more debilitating spinal issues. If your airbag deploys at the wrong time, you can be left with debilitating and long-lasting injuries that can cause permanent damage to your health and quality of life. Holding the manufacturers accountable becomes your only route to financial compensation for the medical bills and trauma that you have experienced.

Holding Manufacturers Accountable

When you invest your money in a vehicle, there is an unspoken promise that every feature, especially vital safety features like airbags, will work as they are intended. When these safeguards fail, it’s more than a technical glitch; it is a potential hazard for you and your family. Fortunately, Utah’s legal provisions are designed to help people facing this predicament.

If an airbag malfunction has affected you or someone close to you, Utah’s laws are your ally. It is the duty of manufacturers to guarantee the reliability of their products under Utah law. If they fall short, they can face consequences for the harm their products have inflicted. This means you are entitled to seek compensation for medical costs, missed earnings, and emotional trauma.

Acting quickly is crucial. Utah has set time limits for initiating these claims. By moving forward without any delay, you not only secure your rights but also emphasize the scale of the changes an accident has brought to your life and the lives of your loved ones. Our attorneys at Monge & Associates can help you get the recognition you deserve and help you uphold the law, ensuring that a vehicle or airbag manufacturer understands the harm their defective product has caused you.

The Power of Attorneys

When faced with the aftermath of a crash caused by an airbag malfunction, understanding your legal rights and the steps to take can be too much to bear alone. In Utah, the legal process is structured to support victims like you to ensure that justice is served. After a crash, you may be unable to complete this process yourself. This is why you should contact an attorney, as they can help you at every step of the way to receiving justice.

The first step is gathering evidence. Documenting everything related to the incident is crucial. From photographs of the malfunctioning airbag to medical records detailing your injuries; your attorney can help you. This documentation will be crucial in building a strong case, and our attorneys at Monge & Associates will build the strongest case possible to get you the justice you deserve.

An attorney from Monge & Associates can guide you through Utah’s specific laws and regulations, to make sure that your claim is solid and contains every aspect of the crash and its aftermath, including the emotional trauma it has placed on you and your loved ones.

Standing up for your rights is not just about seeking compensation for your injuries, it is about holding manufacturers accountable and ensuring that other people like you don’t face similar risks. By taking these steps, you are not only protecting your interests but also contributing to a safer driving environment for everyone in Utah.

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