A Guide to Vehicle Product Liability in Charleston, South Carolina

It is written into the law of every state that vehicle manufacturers are liable if their product is faulty and causes injury or death. There has been a rise in this type of case in the last few decades as car ownership becomes more accessible than ever, and people are driving more frequently too. What are your rights as a consumer on the road? Let’s explore below.

Why You May Have a Case

Vehicle owners in Charleston, South Carolina understand that their car, truck, or similar is an asset that needs protection. When a manufacturing company lets you down, it can be incredibly difficult to move forward from such an event. That is why our car accident attorney in Charleston, SC is ready to take your call and figure out what the options are.

Common Defects to Watch Out For

It is beneficial to understand what you should be watching out for, considering that cars break all the time. Figuring out the distinction between what is a standard malfunction and one that could be caused by poor manufacturing is not an intuitive process, especially for those without extensive vehicle knowledge to hand.

Random Airbag Deployment

An airbag is one of the core safety features in any vehicle. It exists to protect passengers and drivers in case of a hard collision by stopping your face from hitting the dash with great force. They save lives and are entirely necessary but, if they deploy for no reason or because of a small bump, they can be a danger to anyone in the car. They are known to cause burns and other medical complications because of the force that they deploy, so this is not an ideal situation and is almost always because of a manufacturing mistake. In rare cases, airbags can deploy in the wrong way with an incorrect amount of force, leaving you vulnerable to things like broken bones and severe burns.

Lack of Airbag Deployment

Conversely, if you get into a major collision and your airbag fails to make an appearance at all, you will definitely have a case to pursue with the manufacturer. This is a standard feature that should be audited and quality checked before a car is released. When a fault occurs, and your airbag lets you down, it could mean the difference between a minor injury and a catastrophic one.

ECU Electrical Fault

There are plenty of things that can go wrong with modern vehicles’ electrical control units. This includes core systems like ABS or even acceleration. If your accelerator experiences an error, you will definitely know about it because it will be so obvious to spot. Electrical faults pose a major threat to how safely you are able to drive and will almost always end in a crash taking place.

Brake Problems

The brakes are another essential component to any vehicle because they are the things that help it come to a complete stop. Without them, you are completely exposed to running into anything and anyone and causing a major accident on the road. The rate of fatality from malfunctioning brakes will always be high because the consequences are just so severe.

What Are Your Rights?

You have the right to start a compensation claim or a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer if you believe that your vehicle collision was down to an error on their part. This is never more true than when a car has not yet been recalled by a company. At Monge & Associates in Charleston, South Carolina, we are always ready to take appointments for anyone who has been wrongfully dismissed during a vehicle product liability claim or is just exploring their options.

What is a Recall?

A car can be recalled if, after the release, it transpires that there are significant and consistent safety risks. There might be a trail of accidents to speak of or a large number of consumer complaints about certain things to official bodies. This can all lead to an investigation that will uncover what the fault is and determine why it is dangerous. In almost all of these cases, for protective reasons and to maintain the brand’s integrity, cars will be recalled.

When Manufacturer Error Leads to Wrongful Death

Sometimes, it is an unfortunate truth that car accidents can be fatal. When circumstances show that an accident could have been avoided if a manufacturer had taken more care, and has therefore been negligent, this is a big deal. Wrongful death is never a situation anyone wants to face, and that includes manufacturers. Once a product default that has gone undetected takes a life, they are completely liable for everything that comes after. A wrongful death attorney in Charleston can fight for justice for your family after a fatal accident caused by a vehicle defect.

Things That Will Help

If you feel as though your concerns are not being listened to, there are certain things you can do before you get in touch with us that will help the case. Firstly, request a copy of the accident report if one exists because this will provide a lot of key details from the scene. Secondly, get an observational report from the car mechanic charged with fixing your vehicle. Lastly, collect any witness statements you can and ask for other people’s opinions on the supposed manufacturing defects.

Consumer rights on the road are important, especially when it comes to protecting yourself against manufacturing defects. Product liability cases are often straightforward because it is rare to find circumstances where just one person is having a random problem. If there is a manufacturing error, there will be enough evidence to show exactly what it is and why it exists. Investigating the cause is always a necessary precaution, and Monge & Associates are willing to go the distance.

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