Car Accidents: Cause and Effect and What You Can Do

A Car Accident | Hit and Run Injuries

There are far too many instances in which individuals are negligent, resulting in serious car accidents and the subsequent injuries they case. Unfortunately, not everyone understands that there are a number of potential factors that may be involved and injured individuals may not know their rights.

For many, having a comprehension of what issues exist after someone sustains a serious injury because of negligence means that they can properly take the steps to protect their rights. It is especially true when individuals are facing serious financial, physical, and emotional hardships.

We explain the various causes of car accidents, how they impact the individuals who sustain injury, as well as detail what individuals can do if they’ve been hurt. This information can help you pursue the justice you deserve when someone else’s actions cause you harm.


Recognizing the potential cause of a car accident, as well as who may be responsible for the injuries, means knowing about the different situations in which car accidents can happen. Some causes are more common than others and you should be aware of the ways to look out for them.

Some of the common causes of car accidents, and who may be liable, include:

  • Drunk driving: Drunk driving accidents are some of the most common that occur and most often it is the fault of the drunk driver. However, in some situations, separate legal action may be taken against a bar or establishment which may have served alcohol to an already intoxicated individual and allowed them to drive.
  • Distracted driving: When a driver is distracted, it takes just a few seconds for the driver to lose focus or control and create a large collision. This may be due to the driver checking his or her phone, or even situations in which a passenger does something that directly impacts the driver’s ability to see the road.
  • Fatigued driving: Far too many times, individuals drive longer than they should and late at night when they are tired. If this happens, they may start to doze off while at the wheel. This can cause them to lose control, putting other drivers, pedestrians, and many more at risk of serious harm.
  • Product defects: Unfortunately, there are problems that may exist outside of driver negligence when a part on the vehicle is not working correctly. For instance, if a car’s brakes fail and prevent a driver from stopping in time, they can cause serious crashes. The manufacturer may be liable when this happens.

There are other situations in which crashes can occur, including simple reckless behavior such as when a driver is speeding, trying to weave in and out of traffic, or they don’t obey traffic lights and go through intersections at a high rate of speed.

This gives you the idea of who you may be able to file a lawsuit against, which should be known prior to taking the action.


We mentioned before that after an injury, those who have been hurt often deal with various hardships, including financial, emotional, and physical. These are real damages that need to be considered when moving forward after the crash.

  • Financial hardships stem from the medical expenses associated with the injury, as well as the lost income that may arise should the injured party no longer be able to work the job they had prior to the accident.
  • Emotional hardships may arise after a car accident when individuals sustain trauma. This means the injured party may experience triggers when they’re involved in similar situations, oftentimes preventing them from driving due to the feat and anxiety.
  • Physical hardships would be the injuries that the person may sustain. For instance, a car accident victim may sustain traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, broken bones, lacerations, and more.

Depending on the severity of the injury sustained, the individual may face long-term medical needs, rehabilitation, and more. There are lifelong issues that may be faced and it can be difficult to endure. However, injured individuals have rights to pursue justice through legal matters.


Following a car accident, there are a number of potential things that must be considered by the injured party before moving forward. What are my rights? What are my options to pursue justice? What are some of the problems that may exist?

You have the right to pursue compensation and it’s important to work with someone who can protect your rights throughout the process. With legal representation, you can learn more about economic and non-economic damages and the most favorable ways to pursue them.

At Monge & Associates, we are truly dedicated to helping individuals during their time of need. We know that the time following a serious accident can be extremely daunting and difficult to endure. As such, we aim to stand by your side every step of the way.

Our Atlanta car accident attorneys are here for you when you need us most. When you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligent actions, you have rights and it is our job to protect them from the negligent party and their insurance company.

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