Can You Claim for a Personal Injury on a Business Premises if Security Is Negligent in Birmingham, Alabama?

Property owners have a responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone within their property, which means putting measures in place to eliminate hazards, and this can include adequate security. However, people are injured on business premises daily, and negligent security measures are sometimes to blame. If you or a loved one has been injured because of security negligence, continue reading to find out what your rights are surrounding compensation in a Birmingham, Alabama personal injury lawsuit.

What Does Negligent Security Mean?

Security negligence happens when business property owners fail to implement proper measures to reduce harm to visitors. In most cases, security negligence cases relate to shopping malls, residential buildings, nightclubs, and hotels. The types of security measures that should be in place include:

  • Proper lighting
  • Access control
  • Security staff
  • Surveillance systems

Establishing a Negligent Security Claim

All personal injury claims must have a number of elements present to be successful, and the same goes for when negligent security is to blame. The following must be established to proceed with a security negligence claim:

  • Duty of care. There must be evidence that property owners are required by law to protect visitors.
  • Breach of duty of care requirements. Security elements, such as those listed above, weren’t properly implemented.
  • Foreseeability. There must be evidence that property owners could foresee the risk, whether the injury is from criminal activity or other hazards.
  • Causation. Negligent security has to have played a direct role in injuring victims.

Although these may seem simple to prove, property owners can be devious and will likely attempt to shift blame onto victims. To present a strong defense against such tactics, put your trust in our expert personal injury lawyers. We have offices in 32 locations across 19 states, including in Alabama, Virginia, and Florida, so don’t delay in scheduling a free consultation.

Implications for Victims and Property Owners

When we’ve successfully won your personal injury claim, there will be implications for all parties involved.

As a victim, you will receive a suitable rate of compensation to cover loss of earnings, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and any other relevant damages caused by the accident. Even if the victim of a security negligence accident tragically died, certain living relatives can file a wrongful death lawsuit to account for pain and suffering and funeral expenses.

Property owners are also implicated by security negligent claims. Not only do they have to pay compensation, which is often covered under premises liability insurance, but any exposure to the public may damage a business’s reputation. However, despite the unfortunate circumstances, going through the processes of a personal injury lawsuit allows businesses to make improvements to avoid repeating negligent actions.

After being injured because of negligent security measures in a business premises, you have a right to claim compensation under personal injury law. The process can be long and traumatic, but our team of lawyers will act on your behalf to prove the grounds for a security negligent claim. As well as this, our compassionate approach means we care about you and your case, so we’re well-equipped to provide emotional support.

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