6 Reasons Why Busy Intersections are Dangerous in Chicago

6 Reasons Why Busy Intersections are Dangerous in Chicago

A noticeable number of vehicle accidents take place at busy intersections. These are undoubtedly some of the most dangerous places to be as a driver, cyclist, or pedestrian, especially if you are not paying enough attention. Despite millions of road users getting it right, there are a handful of people out there not being careful enough, and this is why crashes continue to happen every single day. Monge & Associates discuss six reasons why busy intersections in Chicago are so dangerous below.

Failure to Use a Turn Signal

In the last five years, an average of 240 car accidents happened in Chicago every single day. A lot of these took place at intersections. Turn signals are there to show everyone around you what your intentions are. Whether you are trying to turn left or making a smooth right, it is vital that you click on your signal and make other people aware. This includes other cars, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and everyone else who may be about as well. If someone forgets, their movements won’t be predictable and they could turn at the wrong time, causing a major collision or hitting a pedestrian in the fallout.

General Misjudgment

There are a number of judgments to be made at an intersection ranging from when the right time to merge is to how many seconds you have to maneuver safely. If a hazard is not spotted, like a pedestrian crossing the road or a cyclist sitting on the inside, then a split second of misjudgment is all it takes to create an accident scene. What are the leading causes of poor decisions at intersections?

  • Driver distractions
  • Not checking mirrors
  • Misreading other people’s intentions
  • Failure to spot hazards
  • Misjudging speed
  • Moving despite poor visibility

Any one of these things, or a combination, can and will cause a crash to take place. It is up to the driver to make sure they can fulfill their duty of care obligations before they set out on the road, but sadly this does not always happen.

A Lack of Experience

It is also common for new drivers, or those who lack confidence on the roads, to get it wrong at intersections in Chicago. The roads are busy, and there are hundreds of thousands of drivers, a lot of whom lack the experience that is needed to safely navigate congested intersection maneuvers. When an accident takes place, it is the inexperienced that are most at risk of making it worse, being involved, or getting it wrong in the aftermath.

Multi-Vehicle Accident Potential

It is often the case that an intersection collision has multiple victims. The driver or drivers who caused the crash are the main participants, but they may also hit other cars or vehicles around them, and there is a high risk of pedestrian involvement too. Multi-vehicle accidents are deadly and take not only a long time clear up but are complex when it comes to insurance claims. A Chicago car accident lawyer with Monge & Associates can talk this through with you if you find yourself navigating life after an incident like this.

Pedestrian Involvement

The next big danger is pedestrian involvement. While they have right of way at a lot of intersections, where there is no clear crossing marked on the ground, they may still cross regardless. This means speeding drivers, or those who are not concentrating may not spot them in time and either hit the pedestrian or swerve and collide with another vehicle.

Poor Visibility

The last point is about low visibility. Sometimes, there are obstructions such as overgrown plants or general debris, or even bad weather like rain. When this is the case, it is impossible to operate a vehicle safely. So whether there is a truck blocking the visuals or a pedestrian lingering on the edge of the sidewalk, make sure it is clear before you turn.

What Happens Now?

Intersection crashes are extremely dangerous and often cause catastrophic injuries. It is natural to seek compensation or file an insurance claim post-incident, and our attorneys are here to make life easier. Our office in Chicago, Illinois is welcoming and we will invite you in to discuss your case in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

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