3 Reasons Why Distracted Driving Is a Factor in Many Kansas Car Accidents

Last year in Kansas, there were nearly 400 deaths from car-related accidents. So many of these are caused by distracted driving, yet this statewide problem is not talked about nearly enough. Discussing the dangers can lead to a wider understanding and awareness, and that is why the guide below exists.

Why Is Distracted Driving a Problem?

The Monge & Associates personal injury office in Wichita, KS has helped many victims of distracted driving. We have spaces in 32 locations all over the country other than Kansas including Illinois, Georgia, Texas, Washington, Nevada, and Missouri. Distracted driving cases come around time and time again because they cause the most severe injuries and long-lasting consequences for the victims. Whether it is the death of a loved one, or life-changing pain and suffering, there are a lot of people that need representing and we have helped every single one that came through our door. The main reasons behind distracted driving are discussed below.

Mobile Phone Use

How many of you can hand on heart say they have never checked their phone while driving their car? Well, millions of people do and it is one of the leading causes of distracted-related accidents in Kansas and all over the world. Something as simple as checking who texted you takes your eyes off the road for enough time to crash into someone or something, and it is not worth the risk!

Intense Emotional Episodes

It is often said that you should never get behind the wheel until you feel calm enough to drive safely. There is value in this statement because when you are angry or upset in some way, your mind cannot focus on the task ahead and you are putting yourself and those around you in harm’s way.


This is especially relevant to younger drivers who may be carrying a higher number of passengers, though it is common for parents with two or more children to feel the challenges as well. Being distracted by noises, chatter, or giddy passenger behavior may feel unfair, but it is up to the driver to set the rules for the vehicle. If someone is not respecting your role as a driver, then they should not be allowed to get back in the car with you.

Distracted Driving Leads to Speeding

It is also worth noting that distracted drivers are more likely to speed than other road users. The simple truth is they are not paying enough attention to how they are operating the vehicle, so their speed will creep up beyond an acceptable level. Speeding combined with distraction is often a fatal event or one that has big consequences.

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