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November 22, 2020

You’ve Got Coronavirus – What Are Your Rights?

In the last month, life as we know it was completely changed. Most Americans have taken to working remotely and social distancing to protect themselves from the Coronavirus (COIVD-19) but, what about those that have entrusted their health and safety to a company that could be putting them at risk? You may be thinking, how could someone trust a company with their health? Patients living in nursing homes, vacationers on cruise ships, and even more people have been forced into close quarters with many other people, sometimes by the thousands, and have entrusted the company providing the service to keep them safe. Many of these companies may not have taken the correct measures to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

While the effects of this crisis are still very much developing, we will start seeing more details, statistics, and information unfolding.

Cruise ships, nursing homes, and such have a duty to take a heightened standard of care to keep their employees, guests, residents safe from illness during a viral outbreak. As many firsthand account emerge from these types of facilities, we are hearing harrowing stories about cruise ship employees interacting with infected passenger, limited safety gear, and so much more. As more information and legislation unfolds, we could see that these companies might be rules at fault for allowing the spread of this infection.

Companies have a duty to protect employees, patients, and customers. In this situation, the heightened standard of care should including providing protective equipment, enforcing distancing room, providing acceptable quarantine of sick patients and well guests, and more. In the case for cruise ships, this could also include working with the docking countries and cruise ship parent company to remove guests from the close quarters on the cruise ships. These victims would have been in an enclosed environment with others who were infected with COVID-19 and, unfortunately, on a ships, there is nowhere to safely retreat to. All in all, heightened standard of care is a set of board standard set to help ensure that companies protect the individuals who use their services. And the question is, have these companies instituted enough of a heightened standard of care?

Team Monge has been helping innocent injury victims for more than 25 years. While the world has never seen anything like the current state of the world, we are still here and still working towards our mission of making good things happen for other people, including victims of the Coronavirus outbreak who were put in danger by the neglect of heighten standards of care by big companies.

We are still here for you and will continue to fight for innocent injury, and illness, victims.