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Atlanta Bus Accident Lawyer

When you’ve been injured in an accident involving a bus, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Call a qualified bus accident lawyer to discuss your legal options.

When you got into your car that day, the last thing you expected was to be struck by a bus. This accident may have fundamentally changed your life forever, and the person responsible should be held accountable for what their negligence has done to you. 

But you may feel overwhelmed at the thought of taking legal action. Don’t let that hold you back. A dedicated Atlanta bus accident lawyer at Monge & Associates could make all the difference. With our team by your side, you’ll have a legal advocate, fighting to ensure that you are awarded maximum compensation.

Fault for Bus Accidents in Atlanta

There are many types of bus accidents you could be involved in. Maybe you were crossing the street at Five Points when you were hit by a MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) bus, or perhaps you were driving your child to school when you were sideswiped by a school bus.

In any case, your must lawyer determine who is responsible for causing the accident, so the appropriate party can be named as the defendant in your case. Some parties who could have played a part in the cause of your Atlanta bus accident injuries include:

Only a thorough investigation into the accident will uncover who is liable for your injuries. All parties who may have been involved in your accident should be brought to justice for their negligent actions. 

Why Do You Need an Atlanta Bus Accident Attorney?

Because there are so many parties involved in the safety, care, maintenance, and operation of busses, it can be difficult to figure out which parties are liable. Unlike a case where you might have been hit by, say, a drunk driver, you will need a legal professional to determine who is liable for your suffering.

Additionally, you may be unsure whether you have grounds for a lawsuit or bus accident claim. A highly trained bus accident lawyer will listen to your story, look at how your life has been impacted, and help you figure out what your next steps should be. Your consultation with an attorney is free, and there is no obligation to proceed. You’re only one call away from taking charge of your life. 

Get Help from a Bus Accident Lawyer in Atlanta

Are you ready to take back your life and conquer your recovery while seeking the justice you deserve? If so, reach out to a reputable Atlanta bus accident lawyer at Monge & Associates

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