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Alabama Sexual Assault Lawyer

When you suffer sexual abuse, you have a right to demand compensation from the responsible parties for the damages you’ve sustained. A sexual assault lawyer in Alabama can help.

The damages that sexual assault or abuse can impose on survivors are greater than anyone should have to bear. If there’s even a glimmer of hope in the darkness, it’s knowing that you do have options to demand compensation from the responsible person or group for their actions. 

Let an Alabama sexual assault lawyer evaluate your case today, for free. 

Filing a Claim in Alabama as a Survivor of Sexual Assault

The trauma of surviving sexual assault can leave scars both phsycial and emotional—and no amount of money can change that. However, in many cases as the victim of sexual assault you can file a claim to recover compensation related to the injuries, damages, and psychological  harm you’ve suffered. 

Many victims are unaware of their right to file a claim for civil remedies after their assaults. The reality is that the issue of civil compensation for sexual assault in Alabama is something managed entirely seperately from any criminal proceedings. 

In fact, it’s possible to still receive compensation for a sexual assault in Alabama even if the at-fault party was found not-guilty in a criminal trial. This is because the standard of guilt is lower in civil cases than in criminal. 

Some of the common factors in sexual assault claims include:

  • Negligent SecurityIf someone is able to enter your rented apartment an assault you as the result of lackluster security systems, then your landlord/the property owner could be found liable for your various damages. 
  • Nursing Home Abuse – When a caretaker takes advantage of someone to whom they owe a duty of care, they may too also be found liable for any associated damages. 
  • Clergy/Church Employee Abuse – When a church authority abuses you or a loved one, the local diocese or church organization may be found responsible for damages. 

Damages You Can Recover for a Sexual Assault Claim

The amount of financial damages that you can receive in a jury award or settlement agreement in a sexual assault case depend on the nature and extent of the harm, damages, and injuries you received. 

Some common forms of compensation that is paid to the survivors of sexual assault include:

  • Medical bills
  • Pyshcological counseling 
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • And others

If you’ve considered filing a claim, setting up a time to get a free evaluation with an attorney could help you maximize the total amount of your civil compensation. 

Contact a Sexual Assault Lawyer in Alabama

Have you suffered injuries, damages, and mental anguish as the result of sexual abuse? You are not alone. An experienced attorney from Monge & Associates can help you recover compensation. 

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