With a solid foundation in economics and accounting from Tougaloo College, Reginald P. Harrion earned his B.A. with an Accounting Emphasis and a J.D. from Mississippi College School of Law, where his legal journey has been defined by impactful accomplishments.

My journey is marked by multiple active licenses, reflecting my dedication to delivering comprehensive legal solutions. Holding bar numbers across diverse jurisdictions which include Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas.

Alexander v. DeForest, 262 So.3d 1111 (Miss. 2019), stands as a testament to my legal expertise. While the outcome of the appeal may not have favored my client, Alexander, I orchestrated a remarkable achievement by convincing the Mississippi Supreme Court to clarify the procedural requirements for determining wrongful death beneficiaries. This clarification resounded widely, prompting judges throughout the state to seek my expertise, and requiring Continuing Legal Education (CLE) updates. This stands as a defining accomplishment in my legal journey.

Remarkably, my expertise spans various legal territories, underlined by my acquisition of 10 active licenses to practice law. An exceptional highlight includes securing a $100,000 federal tort claim settlement in a complex medical malpractice case. Representing a nursing home client with a diabetic-related chronic illness, I navigated the complexities of the case, uncovering a prescribing error that led to serious injuries. I intervened when the client’s case was turned down by two other attorneys. My investigative prowess uncovered the personal operation of a rural health facility, triggering FTCA administrative procedures that paved the way for just compensation.

In my journey, I’ve absorbed a key life lesson – that knowing your rules, and the best kept secret is one never told. This wisdom, coupled with the understanding that some of the most valuable knowledge remains unspoken. My commitment to delivering impactful legal solutions is driven by unravel difficulties and win justice for those who entrust their cases to me.

Active licenses to practice law in: Michigan, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia

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