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Joe Perrotta graduated in History from Williams College in 1982. Following that, he earned a Juris Doctorate from Emory University School of Law in 1985.

I’m proud of representing my clients with integrity, honesty, and empathy. Handling my cases with other attorneys and the Courts with professionalism and honesty. I have litigated or argued cases at every appellate level; practiced/tried cases in all three USDC divisions in GA, as well every level of state court from workers comp and probate court to Superior and State Court.

I once had a client who was badly injured in an auto accident. The insurance company denied the claim on the grounds that the agent who sold the policy to the defendant did not have the authority to do so. I researched the issue and found that the authority had not been repealed by the carrier until after the policy had been sold. I was able to get a $350,000 settlement for the client based on the company’s refusal to pay their $25K limits initially.

Joe Perrotta has had several cases published, the most recent being Woodruff v Jones, featured in Fulton County Daily Report earlier in January 2023.

Originally from Garwood, NJ, I have a younger sister. Meeting and marrying my wife was the best thing that ever happened to me. We are a family of 7: her, two sons – 32 and 26, one daughter, 26, one daughter-in-law, and my 2-year-old grandson.

I love to read, attend sporting events and concerts, travel, and spend time with my family, particularly my grandson, and my wife Anabelle’s family.

I have numerous interests outside the office, including traveling (Italy, France, Greece, Philippines), gardening, crossword, Sudoku puzzles, and reading.

It would be nice if I could live to 100 (all appearances to the contrary, I am not there yet!)

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