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Dustin T. Rosser


Dustin T. Rosser attended North Carolina State University and majored in Political Science. He earned his JD from New England Law – Boston in 2008.

My two greatest satisfactions in my career are – trying tough cases for my clients when there are liability issues or damages issues, and obtaining verdicts or settlements for clients who are truly injured. I was recently able to get a client a $100,000 jury verdict on State Farm’s $0 offer.

I want to ascend to the top of my profession and try cases that make a difference.

Work hard, be humble, be kind, fight when necessary, and good things will happen

– Dustin T. Rosser

I grew up in Lynchburg, Virginia (a small town) to a young single mom that worked very hard every day so I could go to college. My mom will always remain the biggest influence in my life. She became a single mother while still a senior in High School. Despite the challenges that come with those circumstances, she worked her way out of the trailer park, provided a stable environment for me, paid for my undergraduate education and now owns a restaurant in my hometown. I am the oldest of two brothers and two sisters.

The best thing that has ever happened to me is the conception and birth of my Son Holden. We tried for a long time and had to go through the full IVF procedure. Our miracle baby is now 8 months!

If I were to think about the worst thing to have happened to me, I would say I have been blessed, but I hate to see injustices occur to good people.

In my spare time, I love to

  • Hang with the family
  • Go to N.C. State football games
  • Go to bourbon/beer festivals
  • Travel

I would like to travel more and see how the rest of the world lives.

Professional associations I am an active member of:

  • Virginia Trial Lawyers Association (VTLA)

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