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November 24, 2020

Scott Monge Constructs Anecdote to Help Other Lawyers Achieve Success

Building a law firm that guarantees customer satisfaction, Scott Monge of Monge & Associates has recently utilized his website to share his opinion on the advantages of Avvo for consumers and lawyers alike while offering valuable advice on what it takes to bolster one’s legal reputation online and offline. Toting his 10 star review as motivation for other lawyers to receive a similar ranking, Monge isn’t merely concerned with his own reputation when it comes to helping clients make smarter legal decisions through the esteemed platform.

“Considering the delicacy of most legal cases, it is almost impossible for lawyers to go unnoticed,” said Scott G. Monge. “And now that Avvo has become a reputable source for finding and obtaining legal advice, as well as helping lawyers generate leads and close clients, I strongly advise all lawyers to make a fortified effort to maintain and enhance the ratings found within their Avvo profiles by refining their conduct with clients and colleagues.

According to Monge’s anecdote, the true testament of a great lawyer is not demonstrated by how many cases he or she wins but rather his or her ability to give a client personal attention and compassion throughout the entire relationship. In order to retain clients and receive recommendations within a community, lawyers must have their client’s best interest in mind. Although Monge acknowledges that Avvo is a successful marketing platform for lawyers, he concludes that it isn’t a solution for gaining recognition and deserving respect in the long run.