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November 24, 2020

Four New Associate Attorneys for Growing Business

Scott Monge, founder of the Atlanta-based law firm, Monge & Associates, is pleased to announce four new attorneys to a rapidly expanding practice. The addition of Attorneys LaKesha Moore, Sheldon Dartt, Nicholas Connelly, and Joel Humphries will allow Monge & Associates to expand its scope of expertise while serving more injury victims.

“I am pleased to welcome Ms. Moore, Mr. Dart, Mr. Connelly and Mr. Humphries to the Monge & Associates’ team. Each attorney brings their own unique perspective to the field, and I am confident that they will help us further our mission of delivering first class service and winning results for our clients,” said Scott Monge.

Ms. Moore is a Social Security Disability Attorney, acting as an advocate at administrative law hearings, reviewing hearing level cases, and drafting all necessary pleadings and correspondence. Mr. Connelly and Mr. Humphries will join Ms. Moore in her specialization, as the two of them will also help those with physical disabilities get the Social Security Disability benefits they deserve. Lastly, Mr. Dartt will work in the Personal Injury department helping those with personal injury claims obtain justice.

“I am honored to work with such a dedicated team, who are sincerely committed to achieving justice for our clients. I know our new members will only continue to strengthen the team’s core values and ability to obtain justice on behalf of our clients,” added Monge.

Scott G. Monge of Monge and Associates is a prominent advocate for injury victims. Monge and his team continuously exemplify their commitment to a superior level of legal service. The firm offers a variety of unique client services to build rapport with each person that they serve