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South Carolina Boating Accident Lawyer

Injured in a South Carolina boating accident? Your lawyer can help you pursue compensation. Seek legal aid when you’re hurt by a careless person.

A beautiful South Carolina day may have gotten you on the water. But as you were enjoying the perfect day, you may have been seriously injured because someone was careless. Now, you or your passengers have suffered severe injuries, and you may be struggling to get compensated for your boating accident. 

Your next step is to contact a South Carolina boating accident lawyer. The South Carolina personal injury lawyers at Monge & Associates can help you build a claim to aid you in recovering from your injuries.

Who’s Liable for a South Carolina Boating Accident?

When you’re hurt in a boating accident, you need to know who’s responsible for your injuries. If you’re not sure who’s liable for your injuries, you will be unable to file your claim. 

The at-fault party will depend on the details of your boating accident. For example, you may have been injured because a careless boater hit your boat. They may have even been boating under the influence or not paying attention. If they were negligent, they can be held responsible for your injuries. 

But what if your accident happened because of a mechanical malfunction? Manufacturers can be held responsible for selling a faulty part or machine. Talk to your boating accident lawyer to learn more about your options and determine the at-fault party. 

South Carolina Law Can Impact Your Boating Accident Claim

When you’re hurt in a South Carolina boating accident, you may not be eligible for compensation just because you were injured. You’ll also need to ensure you’re following state laws to maximize your compensation. 

For example, state law says you only have three years to file a claim. If you don’t act in time, your claim may be dismissed. That leaves you without the funds for recovery. 

To get the maximum compensation for your claim, work with a lawyer to avoid taking blame for the boating accident, too. If you don’t avoid accepting the blame for your accident, you may lose part or all your compensation. Luckily, your lawyer can help you prove you weren’t at fault for the accident. 

Compensation for South Carolina Boating Accident Victims

When you’re hurt in a boating accident, you may be due compensation for the suffering you experienced. 

But you may have trouble calculating the financial value of your injuries. Your economic damages may be easier to add up, but you may have trouble determining the total value of your claim. Your non-economic damages are easy to leave off, make a mistake with, or undervalue—unless you have help. 

If you’ve been hurt in a boating accident, you may be due compensation for some or all of the following, among other items: 

  • Medical costs 
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity 
  • Boat repairs
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Emotional trauma

Call a South Carolina Boating Crash Lawyer

If you’re hurt in a boating accident, you don’t have to face your injuries and damages without help. You can turn to the attorneys at Monge & Associates for help during this difficult time. Your South Carolina boating accident lawyer offers free case evaluations so you know what to expect when you’re seriously injured. Call 800-421-0174 or fill out the following online contact form to get started. 

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