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Tennessee Sexual Assault Lawyer

Sexually assaulted by another person? You don’t have to move on without compensation. Reach out for help from a Tennessee sex abuse lawyer.

When you’re suffered through a sexual assault, you may have trouble recovering from the injuries you’ve suffered. You need closure, but that’s tough when you’re hurt and have no experience in a Tennessee courtroom. 

The lawyers at Monge & Associates can help. When you’re hurt, seek out a Tennessee sexual assault lawyer. They can help you seek compensation for the suffering you experienced and get compensated for your traumatic experience. 

Civil vs. Criminal Cases in Tennessee 

A sexual assault doesn’t just cause harm—it’s a crime, and it could lead to charges being pressed against the person who hurt you. 

But a criminal trial isn’t the same type of case as a civil claim. These claims are handled separately, which means you need to sue after the criminal trial is completed to get your compensation. 

Fortunately, this separation can help you. Your sexual assault lawyer can help you prepare your claim using the evidence used in the criminal trial. 

Compensation for Tennessee Sexual Assault Victims

When you’ve suffered through a sexual assault, you may have trouble getting compensated fairly for your injuries. This compensation should include both economic and non-economic damages, or the financial, emotional, and mental effects of your assault. 

Economic damages should cover all the financial costs of your injuries when you’ve suffered from sexual assault. For example, you may need compensation for your medical care and your lost wages. These damages can be added up for your compensation. 

Your non-economic damages may be intangible, but they’re still vital, especially after a traumatic event. These damages can be calculated based on the impact of your suffering and the severity of your suffering. For example, if you’ve suffered post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) because of the assault, you may be due damages for the stress and trauma of your condition. 

Time Limits for Tennessee Sexual Assault Claims 

When you’re hurt in a sexual assault and need compensation, you may need to act quickly to do it. In Tennessee, you only have one year to file a lawsuit and get the compensation you’re due. If you don’t act in time, your claim may be dismissed.

But that short time limit can work in your favor. Evidence can be lost or destroyed over time, so acting swiftly can maximize the amount of evidence you have for your claim. Your lawyer can also help you use the evidence gathered in the criminal proceedings for the case. 

Call a Sexual Assault Lawyer in Tennessee

Sexual assault can leave you traumatized and suffering, making it difficult to move on following the attack. 

The lawyers at Monge & Associates understand that you need closure and justice, and we’re here to help. Your Tennessee sexual assault lawyer can help you take your claim to court and get the compensation you’re due. When you’re ready for a free case evaluation, call 678-382-6043 or complete the online contact form below. 

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