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Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer

Injured in a Tennessee accident? Talk to your lawyer about getting compensated for your personal injury claim, so you can focus on your health and safety.

Accidents happen all the time. The problem is, some of those accidents can be avoided with a little care. But what if other people fail to act safely and protect your health? The damage to your finances, health, and overall wellbeing may be devastating. 

At Monge & Associates, we know an injury can feel impossible to overcome, and a lawsuit can feel just as difficult. But with a Tennessee personal injury lawyer on your side, you may have grounds to overcome your injuries and get compensated. 

Types of Tennessee Personal Injury Claims

When you’re hurt by someone else, you may need funds to recover from the suffering you experienced. But what are the grounds for a lawsuit? 

Typically, you may be eligible for a personal injury lawsuit if someone was careless with your safety, and their carelessness, or negligence, harmed you. Your lawyer can help you file a claim within a year of your accident and seek compensation. 

Tennessee personal injury victims may have grounds to sue for the following case types, among others: 

  • Motor vehicle accidents involving cars, trucks, and motorcycles 
  • Medical malpractice 
  • Slip-and-fall accidents 
  • Sexual abuse
  • Dog bites 

Who’s Liable for My Injuries?

Once you determine whether you’re eligible for a lawsuit, you need to know who’s at fault for your injuries. Knowing who’s liable for your injuries can help you recover the compensation you’re due. 

If you were hurt in a Tennessee car crash, for example, another driver may be liable for your injuries. They may have been driving distracted, aggressively, or even under the influence. That can lead to life-changing injuries. 

The details of your claim will decide the at-fault party. For example, you may have been hit by a driver, but they were on the job. In these cases, their employer may be responsible for your injuries. Talk to your lawyer to identify the at-fault party for your claim. 

Compensation for Tennessee Injury Victims

Tennessee injury victims may be due compensation that covers all the financial losses, suffering, and other costs of an accident, also called damages. But how do you know what your damages are worth?

Your damages are typically split between your economic and non-economic damages. The first covers the costs of your injuries. These may include hospital bills, lost wages while you’re unable to work, and property damage. 

Your non-economic damages are more complicated. These damages cover the intangible suffering you experienced because of your injuries. This may include damages like pain and suffering, and these damages require the right tools to calculate. 

Get Compensated with a Tennessee Personal Injury Attorney

When another person’s carelessness harms you, you may be due compensation. But without a lawyer from Monge & Associates, you may have trouble getting the compensation you’re due. If you’re struggling to get compensated, take advantage of a free case evaluation with a Tennessee personal injury lawyer. We can be reached by calling 800-421-0174 or by completing the online contact form below. 

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