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Tennessee Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Has your doctor been careless with your safety? A Tennessee medical negligence lawyer can help you recover when your doctor has made your injury or illness worse. 

Doctors are supposed to do everything they can to protect your health. When they don’t, you may suffer severe injuries or long-term illnesses because of your situation. 

Luckily, the lawyers at Monge & Associates are here to help. If you’ve been injured or have fallen ill because of your doctor’s actions, talk to a Tennessee medical malpractice lawyer for help. 

Who’s Liable for a Careless Tennessee Doctor?

When you’re hurt by a Tennessee doctor’s careless actions, you may not need to sue the doctor. While the doctor may have caused your injuries, they may not be financially liable for your injuries. You may instead need to focus on the doctor group or hospital they work for. 

Doctors are employees in these groups, which can help take some of the financial pressure off the individual doctor for a lawsuit. For you, that means you may need to be sure you’re suing the right person. If you sue the doctor, your claim may be delayed as you determine the correct at-fault party. 

Compensation for Tennessee Medical Malpractice Victims

A medical mistake can be traumatic, so once you’ve uncovered the right at-fault party, your next step is to ensure you’re getting the compensation you’re due. Asking for a low settlement may leave you without the compensation you’re due. 

Your compensation should cover all the costs and health effects caused by the medical incident. That means you’re due compensation for both your economic and non-economic damages. But keep in mind that your non-economic damages, or the mental and emotional suffering you’ve endured, is capped. You may only receive up to $750,000 for these damages

To get an idea of what damages you may be due, check out the list of damages below: 

  • Medical bills 
  • Lost earning capacity 
  • Rehabilitative therapies 
  • Disfigurement 
  • Loss of enjoyment of life 
  • Pain and suffering 

Tennessee Laws Can Impact Your Claim

When you’ve suffered from medical negligence, knowing your claim’s value is only a part of the claim. You’ll also need to pay attention to state laws that can impact your claim. 

For example, Tennessee residents need to file a claim within one year of the injury. If you don’t act in time, your claim may be dismissed. 

But not all injuries are obvious right away. It may have taken time to realize your doctor misdiagnosed you, for example. In these cases, you have up to three years from the actual date of the injury. 

Connect with a Tennessee Medical Malpractice Attorney

If you’ve been hurt because your doctor was careless, you don’t have to accept the situation and move on. You have opportunities and resources to fight back with a lawyer from Monge & Associates. 

If you’re struggling to get compensated for your injuries, a Tennessee medical malpractice lawyer can help you. Your lawyer can see you during a free case evaluation and prepare you for the courtroom. To get started, call 800-421-0174 or fill out the following online contact form. 

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