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Tennessee Wrongful Death Lawyer

Losing a family member is devastating. But you may have grounds for a lawsuit if someone has fatally injured a loved one. Talk to your wrongful death lawyer in Tennessee about your options for a wrongful death claim.

Losing a loved one can be difficult for your whole family. It’s not just the grief, though that can impact your ability to think about anything else. You may be struggling to balance your grief, the bills that piled up at the end of their life, and the lack of financial support. That can make your family’s recovery, both emotional and financial, feel impossible. 

Your lawyer at Monge & Associates is here to help. Your Tennessee wrongful death lawyer has the tools you need to address your wrongful death claim and get compensation and closure for your family. 

Who Can Sue for a Wrongful Death? 

Tennessee law limits who can sue in a wrongful death claim. That prevents people from filing multiple claims for a single case, but it can make it difficult to determine who’s eligible for a lawsuit

State law gives the right to sue to the surviving spouse or domestic partner. If the deceased has no surviving spouse, the right goes to their surviving children or next of kin. The personal representative or administrator of the estate is also eligible to file a claim. 

Compensation for Tennessee Families

When you’ve lost a loved one to another person’s carelessness, you may have grounds for compensation. But if you don’t know what to include, it’s easy to accept a low settlement that doesn’t cover your needs. So what are the elements of a Tennessee wrongful death claim? 

Your economic damages should include all the financial losses you’ve suffered because of the fatal accident. For example, they may have received medical care before their death, which may fall on your family to pay. You may also be in charge of their funeral and burial expenses. If they were the breadwinner of the household, you may need compensation that covers the loss of income as well. 

Your non-economic damages can be more difficult to calculate because they’re intangible. You may have a difficult time putting a price tag on your grief. Luckily, your Tennessee wrongful death attorney has the tools to determine the severity and impact of the wrongful death. From there, they can determine what your damages are worth. 

Call a Tennessee Fatal Accident Lawyer 

When you’ve lost a loved one, you may struggle to recover from the suffering this loss brought. It may also be difficult to bring your case to the courtroom. You’re already struggling to handle all these elements, and you may not be prepared for a Tennessee wrongful death claim. 

The lawyers at Monge & Associates are ready to handle your claim. If you’ve lost a loved one to a fatal accident, your Tennessee wrongful death lawyer can help you seek compensation and overcome your suffering. Your lawyer can even begin with a free case evaluation, so you know what to expect from your case. To begin, call 800-421-0174 or complete the online contact form below. 

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