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Tennessee Workers Comp Lawyer

Injured on the job? You may have grounds for workers comp benefits. Talk to a Tennessee work comp lawyer about your options. 

An on-the-job injury can make life tough. You may have been seriously injured, and now, you’re unable to work to support your family or pay your hospital bills. That puts a lot of strain on you and your loved ones. 

Here’s the good news: you have an opportunity to get workers comp benefits for your accident. At Monge & Associates, we have the tools to get you compensated when you’re hurt on the job, so reach out to a Tennessee workers comp lawyer for guidance. 

Who’s Eligible for Tennessee Workers Comp Benefits?

When you’re hurt on the job, you need your workers comp benefits to overcome the losses you’ve suffered in the accident. But are you eligible? 

In Tennessee, employers with five or more employees are typically expected to provide workers compensation insurance. In certain industries, the number of employees doesn’t matter. For example, coal miners and construction workers must be provided workers comp benefits no matter what. 

But that doesn’t mean all employees are covered. For example, federal employees must seek benefits from the federal government, even if they’re working in the state. Independent contractors may also be ineligible. Be sure to check with your lawyer about whether you’re eligible before you choose to sue. 

Types of Benefits for Tennessee Workers Comp

Injured on the job? Here are some of the workers comp benefits you may expect: 

  • Medical Benefits – Your health is your first priority. If you’re hurt on the job, you should receive treatment at no cost to you for your injuries. 
  • Wage Replacement – You may be unable to work, but you still need an income. These benefits replace part of your wages when you’re unable to work. 
  • Death Benefits – If you’ve lost a loved one to a work accident, you may be due benefits for your loss. These benefits cover wage replacement and burial expenses for the family.

What if My Claim is Denied? 

You may have done everything you can to handle your workers comp benefits correctly, but you were still denied. That can be upsetting, and it can put a financial strain on you. 

Luckily, you still have options. Your Tennessee work comp lawyer can determine why you were denied and set up a hearing for your case. If the insurance company refuses to reconsider the denial, your lawyer can help you take your claim to the Tennessee Bureau of Workers Compensation to get the answers you need. 

Bring Your Claim to a Tennessee Work Comp Lawyer 

When you’re hurt in a work accident, you need benefits that cover the costs of your injuries. You shouldn’t have to worry about paying for your recovery while you’re unable to work. 

The lawyers at Monge & Associates are here to help you recover when you’re hurt at work. Your Tennessee workers comp lawyer is here to help you recover compensation when you’re struggling to overcome your suffering. We offer free case evaluations, so you know what we can offer before you sue. Call 800-421-0174 or fill out the following online contact form to begin. 

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