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Amy Heins


A major in Economics from Agnes Scott College, Amy Heins went on to get her JD from Mercer University Walter F George School of Law in 2006. She grew up in Charleston, SC, where she now lives.

I am glad that I have the opportunity to represent people who have been injured due to no fault of their own. Helping people has been the focus of my entire legal career. I represent all my clients to the best of my ability, which has sometimes led to results that my clients were pleasantly surprised by.

My biggest hope is to continue growing in my ability to represent my clients so that they receive fair and just compensation for their injuries. I believe in being true to who you are, don’t let people push you around, and standing your ground for what you feel is right.

While there certainly have been people in various areas of my life who have helped me along the way, there has not been one person above all who has been a guiding influence. I have learned from many people during my life, and am thankful for the breadth of life skills they have given me.

The best day is any day when I can accomplish something good for someone else.

– Amy Heins

I like to travel, read, and indulge in my hobbies in the fiber arts, writing, and gaming. One day I would like to visit Nepal.

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