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South Carolina Defective Product Lawyer

Injured by a defective product? Your South Carolina defective product attorney can help you identify the at-fault party and get the compensation you’re due.

When you buy something and use it in your daily life, you expect that the product will be tested, safe to use, and won’t cause undue harm if used properly. Unfortunately, defects happen all the time. Medication may be recalled, car parts may lead to crashes, and appliances may malfunction without warning. That can lead to severe injuries and suffering. 

Luckily, your lawyer at Monge & Associates can help. Speak with a South Carolina defective product lawyer if you’re worried about getting compensated for your injuries

Who’s Liable for a Defective Product? 

When you’re hurt by a defective product, your first question may be one of who to sue for your injuries. Typically, the person liable for your recovery is the person who caused you injuries. Because of this, you need to determine who was careless and caused the injury. 

Typically, the manufacturer is liable for defective products. If they fail to test or ensure the product is safe if used reasonably, they may be held liable. Your South Carolina product defect lawyer can help you get answers if you’re unsure who’s responsible for your injuries. 

Compensation for South Carolina Victims

After you’re hurt by a defective product, you may be due compensation. But before you enter a South Carolina courtroom, you need to know what your compensation is worth. That means determining the value of your economic damages, or the financial costs of your injuries, and your non-economic damages, or the mental and emotional impact of your injuries. 

Check out the list below for some examples of the damages you may have suffered and are due compensation for: 

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages 
  • Loss of earning capacity 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Emotional trauma

South Carolina Laws Can Impact Your Claim 

But you need to think about more than your compensation. You must also consider state laws that will impact your claim. 

For example, South Carolina injury victims must file their claims within three years of the injury. If you don’t sue on time, your claim may be denied. 

You can also lose compensation if you’re found partly at fault. For example, the defense may claim that you took the wrong dosage of your medication, or that you were driving recklessly before a mechanical failure caused your crash. In these situations, your defective product lawyer can build a defense for your claim that protects you and your compensation. 

Connect with a South Carolina Product Defect Lawyer 

Defective products can be frustrating, and under some circumstances, they can turn dangerous fast. But how do you sue when you’re injured by an object? 

The lawyers at Monge & Associates can give you the answers you need for a product defect. Your South Carolina defective product lawyer is ready to speak with you about it through a free case evaluation, where we can help you start your journey toward compensation. Call 800-421-0174 or fill out the online contact form below to take advantage of your consultation. 

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