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November 24, 2020

Scott Monge of Monge & Associates Publishes Advice on Finding a Credible Attorney

As part of his online campaign to offer advice to people in need of legal help, regardless of the specialty, Scott G. Monge of Monge & Associates in Atlanta, GA has recently published another article on his website to detail the steps needed to find a good attorney. Monge felt compelled to share his advice considering how many of his clients have been burned by attorneys with questionable ethics.

“Considering the abundance of lawyers in the US nowadays, I am aware that it is difficult to find a quality attorney,” said Scott G. Monge. “Just reflecting upon the trials and tribulations many of my clients have endured before locating my services was enough to make a public statement on this issue.”

Although Monge acknowledges the tediousness of this process within his article, he provides clear guidelines for assessment during a client’s initial interaction with a prospective attorney. If those elements are missing, he strongly advises that clients are better off continuing their search than placing their precious resources in the hands of someone who exhibits a lack of commitment to doing a thorough job.

“As I have stated before in many of my books and articles, it is not merely about the end result in a legal case,” Monge concluded. “Attorneys can convey their abilities by establishing trust, comfort and open lines of communication. That is the basis for any successful client-attorney relationship.”

This article is only the beginning of many more that will document Monge’s perspective on obtaining sound legal advice, as there are many pieces to the puzzle when it comes to finding and retaining a trusted legal counselor.