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JUUL Lawyers

JUUL has caused a lot of addiction and physical harm. A JUUL lawyer can help you sue for compensation.

American electronic cigarette company JUUL is in a world of legal trouble. They are accused of marketing to children and teens, violating federal law by claiming that their products are safer than cigarettes, putting consumers at risk of injury from defective e-cigarettes, and getting thousands of people hooked on nicotine.

That’s a lot of legal trouble, but it’s no reason to feel sorry for JUUL. This company has left countless victims in its wake, and those victims deserve justice. Many are seeking justice by filing personal injury lawsuits against the company. 

If you are interested in exploring your legal options after a JUUL-related injury, addiction, or illness, reach out to a JUUL lawyer at Monge & Associates. We’re ready to help you seek justice.

Lawsuits Against JUUL

Filing a lawsuit against JUUL could help you recover compensation for all the ways this company has harmed you with its e-cigs and other vaping-related products. As lawsuits against the vaping giant begin to mount, two distinct categories are forming:

Suing JUUL for Teen Addiction

Many lawsuits filed by individuals and state attorneys general allege that JUUL contributed to teens’ addiction to nicotine when they otherwise would not have become addicted. The company allegedly did this by marketing directly to teens and children through the following means:

  • Advertising campaigns on social media platforms that cater to minors
  • Featuring young people in their ads
  • Selling vaping liquids in fruity flavors that appeal to a younger audience (some of which federal health officials have banned)
  • Using nicotine in formulations that deliver potent doses that can quickly hook users who have never smoked before

You may also be able to sue JUUL for addiction as an adult under some circumstances. Speak with a JUUL addiction lawyer about your unique case.

Suing JUUL for Injuries

JUUL and other e-cig makers have also been accused of physically injuring consumers through negligent manufacturing and inadequate safety warnings. For example, multiple reports have documented cases in which devices like JUUL e-cigs have exploded during use, causing serious injuries to users.

On top of physical injuries, the flavored nicotine liquids used in JUUL and similar devices have been linked to serious health problems, including a serious lung disease called popcorn lung. Vaping companies did not provide consumers with enough warning about these possible effects, so users could not make an informed decision about whether to use the products.

No matter how a JUUL product harmed you, a JUUL injury lawyer can help you plan your next steps toward full compensation.

Partner with a JUUL Lawyer

Going toe to toe with a major corporation like JUUL in court isn’t easy, but at Monge & Associates, it’s what we do. We’re ready to take on JUUL to get you justice.

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