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November 22, 2020

Founding Attorney Scott Monge Named as Litigator of the Year

Founding Attorney Scott Monge Named as Litigator of the Year

The American Institute of Trial Lawyers (AIOTL) has named its 2020 Personal Injury Litigators of the Year for each state, and Attorney Scott Monge is one of the few honorees in Georgia. Awarded to just over 200 personal injury attorneys nationwide, this exclusive honor recognizes a small, elite group of successful trial lawyers.

An Elite and Meaningful Recognition

Monge has been a member of the invitation-only AIOTL for years now and is thrilled to be recognized among its top litigators. While some high-profile legal organizations recognize only the top 5% or even the top 1% of attorneys with their awards, their Litigators of the Year nominations only cover around .03% of practicing lawyers in the country. Therefore, simply being considered for the award signifies an attorney’s notable skills in the courtroom. “To be nominated is an honor, but to receive this award is truly a privilege,” said Monge upon his selection by the group.

Many personal injury lawyers consider negotiating a settlement a good result. Attorney Scott Monge is dedicated to winning as much as he can for his clients. Sometimes this means appealing to a judge and a jury when an insurer refuses a fair settlement. His skill in litigation has helped him grow a one-person practice into a team a hundred strong and built him a reputation among his peers and insurance companies alike.

A Firm Founded on Strong Values

Though he appreciates formal recognitions of his work, Monge believes the most important reputation he can have is among clients—for hard work, excellent service, and good results. Practicing personal injury law is his way of giving back to his community. As he thanked the American Institute of Trial Lawyers for designating him among their Personal Injury Litigators of the Year, he also expressed his gratitude for “all the innocent injury victims that gave me the opportunity to handle their injury cases.”

Attorney Scott Monge started Monge & Associates more than 25 years ago and the firm has helped injury victims recover more than $1 billion since. He also supports community initiatives for the homeless, the disabled and chronically ill, and others who need help through difficult periods in their lives. He considers his practice and charity work closely related. With practitioners who help accident victims after car accidents, sexual assault, workplace injury or toxic exposure, medical abuse, and many other types of personal injury law, Monge & Associates may be able to support you through a serious or catastrophic injury.

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