Garret Knisley graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a major in Criminal Justice and obtained his law degree from Belmont University School of Law.

Among my notable achievements, I’ve had the privilege of presenting successful arguments before the Tennessee Supreme Court, contributing to the reversal of a significant Court of Appeals ruling. Furthermore, my expertise extends to skillfully negotiated six-figure settlements based on future medical treatment recommendations, enabling clients to strategically plan and fund post-resolution medical procedures.

My top priority is ensuring every client experiences justice at the end of their case. I firmly believe that putting clients first and genuinely caring about their well-being leads to overall success as everything will fall into place.

As a member of the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association, I had the distinct honor of serving on the Board of Governors contributing to the legal tapestry of its vibrant community.

Born in East Tennessee, I’ve called the Nashville area home, witnessing its remarkable growth. My mother’s significant influence shaped my upbringing and core values. I’m the eldest with a younger sister. Among life’s most precious treasures are my two enchanting daughters, infusing my world with joy and purpose.

I find joy in outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and kayaking, as well as immersing myself in Nashville’s vibrant sports and music scene. Looking ahead, I dream of traversing all seven continents, weaving the threads of diverse cultures into the tapestry of my experiences.

In my pursuit of justice and the art of client-centered representation, I remain steadfast, upholding a commitment that resonates through every case, connection, and endeavor.

Active licenses to practice law in: Tennessee