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Workers Comp Lawyer

If you’ve been hurt in a work accident, you may be due benefits for your suffering. Reach out for a lawyer’s help if your workers comp benefits have been withheld. 

When you’re hurt on the job, you need workers comp benefits to cover your losses and your time away from work. You shouldn’t have to worry about your income when you’re also suffering from serious injuries. Reach out to the injury lawyers at Monge & Associates when you’re struggling to recover from a work injury. Your workers comp lawyer can help you get the benefits you’re due when you’re hurt. 

Am I Eligible for Benefits? 

First, you may be concerned about your eligibility for workers comp benefits. You may be worried that you’ll be left to handle the costs and missed income yourself, without help for your recovery. 

Luckily, most workers should be covered under state law, with few exceptions. You’re the responsibility of your employer, which means they should pay if you’re injured. 

State eligibility rules differ from state to state, but many states have certain laws in common. For example, if you’re a federal government employee, you may not receive state workers comp benefits. You may instead receive federal benefits. 

You may also have trouble getting compensated if you’re considered an independent contractor. Employers may not be required to offer benefits to contractors. If you think this is a mistake, or if you need help determining whether you’re eligible, reach out to your lawyer. 

What if I’m Denied My Benefits? 

But you may not have gotten an approval letter and the first round of payments for your benefits. Instead, you may have been denied. Don’t panic—your work comp lawyer can help. 

First, your lawyer can speak with the insurance company and your employer about the reasons you were denied. This may be because of claim time limits, a lack of medical evidence, or questions about whether the accident happened on the job, as a few examples. 

Your work compensation lawyer may start with an informal meeting with the insurance company, depending on your state’s laws. They may present more evidence that supports your claim. 

But the insurance company may continue to deny your claim. When this happens, you may need to take your claim to court. Your workers comp attorney can represent you in front of the state workers comp commission to prove you’re due benefits. 

Talk with a Workers Comp Attorney 

When you’re hurt in a serious work accident, your workers comp benefits can be key to your recovery. Don’t let the insurance company deny you and prevent you from getting compensated fairly. 

Reach out to a workers comp lawyer instead. Your lawyer at Monge & Associates can help you go after the compensation you’re due when you’re hurt and seeking compensation for a work accident. Take advantage of a free case evaluation so you know what to expect before you work with us. Give us a call at 800-421-0174, or fill out the online contact form below. 

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