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November 23, 2020

Two Shocking Job Related Accidents

Different types of work bring unique dangers to employees, whether they operate in air-traffic control or behind a desk. Construction workers die in falls in one-third of worksite accidents. Likewise, warehouse workers often suffer back and shoulder problems after repetitively lifting heavy objects. Fortunately, nearly every worker can qualify for workers’ compensation to help them make ends meet while recovering from serious injuries.

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1. Gravedigger Falls Into Newly Dug Grave

Anyone who works near trenches must take precautions to avoid falls and cave-ins. Even a fall under 10 feet can prove fatal, depending on how a person lands.

The New York Post reports that a grounds-person at a cemetery is fighting for his life after falling into an empty grave. The 62-year-old had just finished digging the hole and was carrying a heavy tombstone around the edge when he lost his balance and fell.

Emergency responders faced a difficult rescue operation, because the pit had no cave-in protection. First, firefighters reinforced the walls of the hole. Then, they lowered a stretcher to the bottom to secure the unresponsive gravedigger. Paramedics report that the man likely broke his leg, arm and shoulder in the fall.

2. Waterpark Worker Recovering From Serious Injuries After Freak Accident

Some workers face very unique hazards every day on the job. When William Gonzalez arrived at work, he faced the slim possibility of drowning because he worked at a popular waterpark. His employers took measures to protect him against injury, which is likely the reason he is alive today.

WKMG News reports that Gonzalez dove into a pool looking for a pair of glasses. The water pump sucked him to the bottom of the pool, and he became stuck in a grate. Coworkers first dove in and tried to save Gonzalez, but they couldn’t pull him up. While one worker relied on the company’s training and administered rescue breaths under water, another ran to the controls and turned off the pump. Paramedics arrived to find Gonzales in critical condition and rushed him to the hospital.

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