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November 23, 2020

Tips on Choosing the Best Accident Doctor

Hurt in an Accident? Finding a doctor that specializes in treating accident injuries is often challenging, confusing and time consuming. The doctor you choose is many times the single biggest decision you make in determining the course of recovery from your accident injuries. That’s why it’s so important you see an accident doctor who knows how to treat your specific injuries. The doctor you choose can have a big effect on the value of any accident settlement.

Here are some tips in choosing the best accident doctor for you:

  1. Doctor Ratings – rating of doctors can be found on websites such as;, and
  2. Client Reviews – read client reviews to find out what past patients are saying about doctors.
  3. Accident Attorneys – attorneys handling personal injury accident cases often can help with recommendations for doctors specializing in accident injuries who can treat you without upfront out of pocket expenses.

Five Questions to Ask in Hiring Any Accident Doctor

  1. Do you specialize in treating accident victims
  2. Can you see me right away to avoid harming my case by a delay in treatment
  3. Do you bill first party insurance coverage to avoid me having to pay out of pocket
  4. If I don’t have insurance do you work with my attorney to avoid me paying up front expenses
  5. Have you testified in support of patients hurt in accidents

How to Discover a Doctors’ License Status or Disciplinary History

The Composite Board of Medical Examiners has medical doctors’ current Georgia license status and public disciplinary records for review on its website The Georgia Secretary of State has license status and disciplinary records for chiropractors for review as well. If you’re seeking license information on other health care professionals, you can go to the entity that is responsible for licensing that profession for more information.

Who Is the Best Accident Doctor?

Legally, no one can say they are the best Accident Doctor, but these tips are intended to help you find the best accident doctor for you.

Since 1993 my award winning law firm has specialized in accident cases and all too often we have seen the challenges innocent accident victims face in getting treatment for their injuries. That’s why we offer our clients the choice of a network of doctors who specialize in treating accident victims.

Contact an Accident Doctor Now

Many of our clients get their doctor appointments in as soon as 24 hours and without payment of any money up front. If you’ve found this reading helpful I invite you to call or email for a free review of your accident case at , We Come to You.