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November 23, 2020

Tenant and Landlord Relationship Is a Two-Way Street

There are expectations of a Georgia tenant who rents a house, apartment, or other residential dwelling. Among them are not treating the property in a roughshod manner, not being disruptive while living at the residence, following the terms of the lease, and paying the rent on time.

Just as important are the responsibilities of the landlord. A Georgia landlord must maintain the property in a state of good repair, comply with safety regulations, and act on legitimate tenant requests in a reasonable amount of time. If failure to do so results in injury to the tenant, the landlord can be held responsible.

A recent example of landlord liability involved an Atlanta child injured in the middle of the night by drywall that fell off the ceiling of a rental property. The child’s mother suffered minor injuries as well. Not exactly the ideal wake-up call.

A landlord is responsible not only for the house or apartment itself, but also for the approach to and exit of the property. A landlord must keep outside ramps, stairs, and handrails in good shape. Uneven sidewalk should be fixed. Proper lighting is a must. Decks should be inspected and of sturdy quality. Windows should shut correctly. Carbon-monoxide detectors and smoke detectors should be up to speed. And chunks of ceiling should not descend on people in the dark of night. This is but a general overview of a landlord’s responsibilities and obligations.

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