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November 23, 2020

Speeding Driver Kills Family After Hitting Tree

Negligent driving takes many forms, and some are more recognizable than others. Drowsy driving has taken the spotlight this year after several high-profile trucking accidents.

In these cases, the drivers often fail to adhere to federal regulations related to rest and sleep between shifts. Before these accidents, the nation’s focus was on texting as states attempted to pass laws banning the practice. Now, all but one state has a texting ban on the books.

We tend to overlook one of the leading causes of traffic accidents because it is so prevalent. Speeding causes many accident fatalities every year.

According to the United States Census Bureau, 10,591 American’s lost their lives in speeding crashes in 2000. In Georgia, 238 people died. The victims of speeding drivers understand all too well how reckless it is to exceed the speed limit, especially in poor road conditions.

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Police Believe Speeding Contributed to an Accident That Killed a Family

Authorities are investigating an accident that led to five deaths. CBS News reports that Myriam Lebrun was driving home from dinner with her mother in the passenger seat and her three children in the backseat. Late at night, the vehicle left the roadway and crashed into a tree. It immediately caught fire, killing everyone inside.

Police initially believed that Lebrun was intoxicated. Officers interviewed other family members with whom she had been eating dinner, and they reported she was a very safe driver and certainly didn’t appear drunk when she left. They described her as incredibly responsible.

A Witness Described the Accident to Police

Newsday reports that a witness came forward who claimed to be the last to see the family alive. She says she was driving in the same lane as Lebrun and recounts the fact that the other woman’s car quickly overtook and passed her own despite the fact that she was driving slightly above the speed limit. Within the next mile, Lebrun lost control of her vehicle and crashed.

The family was very involved in the local community. Neighbors and friends described them as outgoing and friendly, keeping their doors always open. The family is survived by Lebrun’s father, who expressed his disbelief to reporters last week.

Speeding causes serious injuries on a daily basis in the United States, and the victims of speeding drivers face long recoveries that can keep them away from work and may possibly leave them disabled. If you are planning to file a personal injury lawsuit, call Monge & Associates. An experienced personal injury attorney from our firm can help you seek compensation through civil action.