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South Carolina Workers Comp Lawyer

Have you been seriously injured in a work-related accident? You may be entitled to workers compensation benefits. Get help accessing yours when you call a trusted workers comp lawyer in South Carolina. 

Some industries are more dangerous to work in than others. But the majority of companies in South Carolina that have four or more employees are required to provide their employees with workers compensation coverage. That doesn’t mean they won’t fight back when you’re injured at work though.

Obtaining workers comp benefits can be challenging. But with an experienced South Carolina workers comp lawyer by your side, you’ll show the insurance company and your employer that you mean business. Monge & Associates are the attorneys the insurance companies don’t want to mess with.

Continue reading to learn more about who qualifies for South Carolina workers comp benefits and what these benefits consist of once your claim is approved.

Qualifying for Workers Comp in South Carolina

The majority of employers are required to provide their employees with workers compensation coverage in South Carolina. As a general rule, both part-time and full-time workers should be covered by their employer’s workers compensation. It also shouldn’t matter how long you have been employed with the company. Your coverage should start on your first shift.

However, there are some exceptions to these rules. So if you have concerns about whether you qualify for South Carolina workers compensation benefits, you should contact our office to discuss your claim.

There are also situations in which you could be disqualified from workers comp benefits. If you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, intentionally caused your injuries, were in violation of your company’s code of conduct, or committing a crime, you may be ineligible for South Carolina workers comp benefits. 

South Carolina Workers Compensation Benefits

Once your workers compensation claim has been approved, you can collect certain benefits. First, you can expect the insurance company to cover all of your injury-related medical expenses. This should include any long-term care you might need for permanent disabilities.

You will also be able to collect approximately two-thirds of your average weekly wages as disability benefits. The length of time you can collect benefits varies depending on the type and severity of your injuries. But most claimants are able to continue collecting benefits until they are able to return to work.

Family members who lose a loved one to a work-related injury may also be entitled to certain death benefits, including coverage of medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, and disability benefits. 

Contact a Workers Comp Lawyer in South Carolina

Whether you have only just been injured or have received a denied workers compensation claim, our team at Monge & Associates is here to help you obtain the benefits you’re entitled to. 

Get in touch with a respected South Carolina workers comp lawyer. We provide free case evaluations to injury victims across South Carolina. Take advantage of this opportunity. Fill out the quick contact form included below or give our office a call at 800-421-0174. 

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