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November 24, 2020

Scott Monge Reveals the Top Ten Questions to Ask When Hiring an Attorney

Top Ten Questions to Ask When Hiring an Attorney

It is safe to say that finding the right attorney is no easy task. Considering the complex nature of personal injury cases, this is even truer when it comes to finding a personal injury attorney.

You simply don’t want to hire just anybody, and you want to make sure that said attorney is the right fit to meet your needs. Personal injury clients are already enduring a vast amount of stress as is, making it even more important for an attorney to be sufficiently prepared for whatever may comes his or her way.

To help make your search in finding the right attorney as easy and stress free as possible, I have devised a list of 10 easy questions to personal injury attorneys you are considering hiring. Need some tips? Just refer back to my article on how to find an attorney.

  1. Do you devote 100% of your practice to helping personal injury victims?
  2. Have you spoken at any events or seminars on personal injury?
  3. Are you a member of any personal injury professional associations?
  4. Have you written any books about personal injury?
  5. Do you offer a client satisfaction guarantee?
  6. Do you have a perfect 10 rating on
  7. Do you respond to client calls and emails the same day?
  8. Do you have a client bill of rights?
  9. Are you a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum?
  10. Do you have any bar complaints?

The responses to these easy, simple questions will tell you a lot about an attorney.

Not only will these questions serve you well in your quest to hire the right personal injury, but it will also educate you as to what types of attorneys represent this specific area of law. My hope is that a personal injury attorney will surpass your expectations during this interview so you won’t need to continue this extensive, and at times, confusing and frustrating process.