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November 24, 2020

Scott Monge Promises Bigger Settlements for Personal Injury Victims or No Legal Fees

Through his recent television campaign, Scott Monge of the law firm, Monge & Associates in Atlanta, GA, is offering a bigger settlement guarantee to personal injury victims with low-ball settlement offers. “If we don’t get personal injury victims a higher settlement offer, then our services are free,” promises Monge.

“It may seem unrealistic to offer this to clients, but with my firm’s track record, attention to detail and vast knowledge of the field, we have no problem providing a risk-free guarantee,” said Scott G. Monge. “Unless we get clients more money than they were ever offered before, they are charged nothing – not a dime.”

Personal injury victims aren’t always well compensated for a variety of reasons. However, Monge’s team supports his clients’ right to better compensation by committing to quality work, personal attention, client satisfaction and building relationships with medical professionals. Monge says the basis for every successful case is trust between the client and his or her attorney.

“Offering a bigger guarantee settlement sets the stage for this professional relationship,” added Monge. “Such an offer tells the client that my team and I are not here to waste time and resources.”

This guarantee is just one of many things that Monge & Associates does to build trust with his clients. It is clearly a product of the firm’s Client Bill of Rights and most important goal: winning cases for clients who deserve fair compensation for their injuries.

Scott G. Monge of Monge and Associates is a prominent advocate for personal injury victims. Authoring numerous books, traveling the country for speaking engagements, and staying true to his Client Bill of Rights, Monge is truly committed to a superior level of legal service