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November 23, 2020

Scott Monge Profiles Atlanta Car Accidents That Left Serious Injuries and Fatalities

Workers’ compensation is an important aspect of U.S. law. As a worker in the United States, you have the right to compensation if you have been hurt or injured on the job, and each year, thousands rightfully claim compensation from their employers. Claims cover a range of injuries—from minor neck and back pains due to lifting to serious disability claims.

If you live in Atlanta and have been injured on the job, Scott Monge of Monge & Associates can help you with the workers’ compensation application process. We believe firmly that if you have been injured at work, you deserve compensation, and we will help make sure your claim is correctly filed and submitted. Too many applications are rejected due to minor mistakes, so call Monge & Associates at to set up an appointment.

Workers’ compensation is a complex and often controversial issue for employers, and it often leads to disputes. A recent case reported by WVRecord discusses how a man alleges he was fired simply for claiming workers’ compensation.

The man filed for workers’ compensation in July 2012, which was denied just a week later. As a result, the man returned to work despite being in constant pain because he needed to support his family. After a few weeks off due to the injury, the man returned to work only to find he had been fired due to filing for workers’ comp, according to the complainant.

Firefighters Battle With Workers’ Compensation Claims

In another controversial case, firefighters are battling to claim workers’ compensation for cases that could potentially be linked directly to their lines of work. As CBS reports, cancer is a common occurrence among professional firefighters due primarily to smoke inhalation and exposure to extreme conditions including heat and harsh weather elements.

Cancer treatment does not come cheap, and with the rate of incidents on the increase, many firefighters have been turning to workers’ compensation funds in order to help cover the costs. Yet in many cases, these claims are turned down, and several Georgia firefighters have had to resort to private funding in order to cover the escalating costs of their treatments.

It is not a case limited exclusively to the state of Georgia. Many firefighters are facing the same workers’ compensation battles throughout the United States. Strict laws and an arduous application process make it very difficult for claims to go through successfully, which has led to widespread outcry over the issue.

If you are in a situation where you need to apply for workers’ compensation, Scott Monge may be able to help. We can also assess your case if you have been denied benefits. Because You Want to Win, we will work with you directly to file your claims and ensure that they stand the best chance of succeeding, even in the most difficult of circumstances. We have many years of experience in this area, so call Monge & Associates at , and arrange a consultation with one of our experts.