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November 24, 2020

Scott Monge of Monge & Associates Recounts His Journey to Certified Recognition

Using his website to disseminate advice on achieving excellency in the legal field, Scott Gregory Monge of Monge & Associates in Atlanta, GA has recently shared a new article that details the attitude and perseverance needed for certified recognition. Approximately 5 months after his official recognition by the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Monge felt it was the appropriate time to reflect upon his recent success and share his insight with others.

“It has been almost six months since I received formal recognition from the Million Dollar Advocate Forum, and I am still in awe,” Scott Monge said. “Being that less than 1% of lawyers are recognized by the Forum, I know it is not an easy task to join this path. After 21 years of operating a law firm, I have only recently started to experience the fruits of my hard work.”

And that’s because Scott Monge has not made income the sole motivation for continuing this work. Since the Million Dollar Advocate Forum highlights the importance of being an effective advocate within a legal specialty to be eligible for consideration, which is demonstrated by a lawyer’s client winning at least $1 million, Monge notes that there is more to it than winning an exorbitant settlement.

“Knowing what my clients have experienced as a result of someone else’s negligence is enough to drive me to seek justice,” Monge added. “Many times, it is a lack of responsibility employed by government, corporations and employers. I work with my clients to ensure that someone else’s carelessness does not go unnoticed.”

That level of dedication is exactly what helped Scott Monge win his most recent accolade. In general, Monge’s greatest joy is derived from helping others. Whether he is spreading his advice through a handful of books, lectures at legal seminars, his role through various State Bar Committees, or blogging, Monge is confident in his ability to serve as a virtual mentor for aspiring lawyers.

Monge & Associates is a law firm in Atlanta, Georgia that assists victims of motor vehicle accidents, slip & fall accidents, workers’ compensation claims, and social security disability.