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November 24, 2020

Scott Monge of Monge and Associates Publishes Free Legal Advice for Discontinuing Services with an Attorney

Concluding his month-long online campaign to educate people about the steps needed to effectively work with an attorney, Scott Monge of Monge and Associates has published his last segment of free advice that details the reasons why and how people should fire an attorney. Acknowledging that it is not an easy decision, Monge emphasizes the importance of trying to resolve your issues with an attorney before taking severe action.

“When people are considering firing their attorney, it is almost always due to a breakdown in communication,” explained Monge. “Like any working relationship, both parties should make a concerted effort to resolve any issues at hand before the client feels compelled to discontinue services and look elsewhere for legal guidance.”

Furthermore, Monge cautions readers to avoid wasting too much time and money to make the client-attorney relationship work. Since legal cases should be handled in a timely manner in order to achieve the best possible outcome, Monge recognizes that most cannot and should not wait around for an attorney to be consistent.

“Legal dealings, particularly personal injury cases, typically cause a client an immense amount of stress and frustration, hence why they are seeking legal assistance in the first place,” said Monge. “It is in the attorney’s best interest to mitigate these emotions as best as possible by maintaining open lines of communication, following up on progress, and doing everything he or she can to make a case move faster.”

To keep things professional, Monge advises that clients should express their dissatisfaction in writing in order to retrieve their file in a quick manner and end the relationship cordially. This will prevent further trouble from occurring and will allow the client to move forward by finding a new attorney.

Scott Monge

Scott Monge of Monge and Associates has been a prominent advocate for people with disabilities since 1993. Authoring numerous books, traveling the country for speaking engagements, and staying true to his Client Bill of Rights, Monge continuously exemplifies his commitment to a superior level of legal service.

Mr. Monge received his undergraduate degree from Eastern Illinois University and his Juris Doctor from Southern Illinois University School of Law. He is a member of the Million Dollar Advocate Forum, the American Bar Association, the State Bar of Georgia (1993), the U.S. District Court Northern District of Georgia (1993), the Georgia Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court of Georgia. Furthermore, Monge’s expertise has led to his membership as a Champion Member of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, as well as the American Association for Justice, Alabama Association for Justice, Tennessee Association for Justice, South Carolina Association for Justice, Florida Justice Association, and the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association.