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November 23, 2020

Scott Monge Examines a 12-Car Pileup That Disrupted Traffic in Atlanta

Serious car accidents are common in the state of Georgia. Between 2005 and 2011, there were at least 1,200 roadway fatalities per year, according to statistics from the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. In fact, there were 1,729 fatalities in 2005 alone. Alcohol was a contributing factor in a significant portion of these crashes, and several involved motorcyclists and pedestrians.

Because metropolises like Atlanta are prone to traffic congestion, a single accident may involve several vehicles. These crashes often close roads for many hours as emergency workers clear the wreckage and attend to injuries.

If you were a recent victim in an accident that a negligent driver caused, you may be able to recover costs associated with medical expenses and lost wages. An experienced Atlanta lawyer can guide you through this process.

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More Than 12 Cars Crash in Major Pileup

AJC reports that up to 14 vehicles crashed in a single incident on Interstate 75. Emergency workers responded to the scene promptly on late Sunday morning. Police initially believed there were up to 20 cars in the crash but later revised this number to 14.

Police say a group of vehicles was driving north when another car cut them off, causing the multiple-car wreck. More cars crashed as they attempted to avoid the accident.

The accident closed the road for a number of hours as emergency workers attended to the injured and cleared the wreckage. Responders reported no serious injuries despite the large number of vehicles involved in the crash.

Car Crash Leaves Thousands Without Power

WSBTV reports on a stolen car that crashed into an electrical pole. The accident plunged an entire suburb into darkness, affecting thousands of residents.

Police say the incident began when a valet at a local hotel gave the incorrect keys to a customer. The person then stole the vehicle and crashed into the power pole in the process of getting away. The car went on to crash into the fence of a city park before coming to a stop.

Police say they received a call regarding the stolen vehicle, and shortly thereafter, they learned of the wreck and the power outage. When police arrived on the scene, they found the vehicle crashed into the park fence.

The vehicle was empty at the time, and the suspect managed to escape. Police are still investigating the incident, but they do not have a full description of the suspect. Emergency workers restored power to the suburb a few hours after the accident.

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