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November 23, 2020

Scott Monge Discusses Tragic Cycling Accidents in Georgia

Statistics show that cycling is a dangerous way to travel. This is particularly true in the state of Georgia. Last year, the Times Herald reported that bicycling-related deaths increased by 28 percent from the previous year. In total, approximately 18 cyclists die on Georgia’s roads each year, and many more are left with serious injuries.

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Man Accused of Hit-and-Run Accident Involving Child Arrested

The Augusta Chronicle reports that a man accused of hitting a young child who was riding a bicycle and then leaving the scene has been arrested. According to the article, the 23-year-old man was arrested by highway patrol officers. The man faces several charges including leaving the scene of an accident.

The hit-and-run happened in the early hours of the evening. The child was 7 years old. The vehicle involved in the incident, a pickup truck, was located shortly after the collision. However, the owner was nowhere to be found. He was picked up by law enforcement the following day. The child was taken to a nearby hospital, and although she suffered injuries during the accident, they were not life threatening.

Cyclist Dies After Collision With Vehicle

Patch reports that a man has died after he was struck by a vehicle in the early hours of Friday morning. According to the article, officers from the local police station were called to the scene of the accident at approximately 3:30 a.m. They discovered the male victim dead on arrival. He had been struck by a vehicle driven by a 22-year-old male.

The victim is believed to have been homeless. He was riding his bicycle without lights on at the time of the accident. Police are still trying to identify the man, who had no formal means of identification on his body when the accident happened.

The driver of the vehicle remained on the scene and was arrested. He was charged with driving under the influence, among other offenses, and the investigation is still ongoing.

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