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At Monge & Associates, our goal is to help clients recover the maximum compensation they are owed for their losses, pain and suffering. In fact, we are so confident in our ability to secure successful results. We offer a Big Settlement Guarantee; if you don’t receive a higher settlement offer than you had prior to hiring our firm, you are free to take your file, no questions asked and no fees or costs. Our results-driven approach has helped us recover millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. Most of all, however, we see this as our opportunity to give back to the community in which we live and work. Our high powered Atlanta lawyers are prepared to do everything in their power to help you fight for the just recovery you deserve.

$400,000 Dangerous Products
Dangerous Products

Torn rotator cuff requiring surgery caused by Kroger’s failure to clean up a dangerous substance on the floor. The case was tried to verdict of $400,000.00 and was affirmed on appeal.

$400,000 Motorcycle Accidents
Motorcycle Accident

Insurance carrier claims $100,000 was amount of full policy limits. After investigation we were able to locate policies of additional $400,000.00

$318,000 Car Accident
Car Accident

Client hurt in crash involving $2,300 in property damage. Client was had preexisting injuries and was on disability prior to crash.

$310,000 Car Accident
Car Accident

$310,000.00 total recovery for two clients who were t-boned by a driver who pulled out right into their car, causing a partially collapsed lung and extensive bruising for one and rib and sternum fractures for the companion.

$275,000 Car Accident
Car Accident

Plaintiff’s vehicle was rear ended by Defendant who was a semi pro basketball player. Plaintiff received follow up care and later surgery for herniated discs.

$250,000 Car Accident
Car Accident

Our client was hit by a distracted driver who was not paying attention to traffic stopped for a school bus. The high impact collision shattered his hip and prevented him from working for many months. We successfully recovered $250,000.00 for him.

$200,000 Car Accident
Drunk Driver Accident

Plaintiffs with 1 ER visit and 1 follow up visit hurt by a drunk driver.

$150,000 Premises Liability
$150K Torn Rotator Cuff

Our client was a speaker at a venue, as the client was walking off the stage fell off an unsecured step that rolled causing injury that ultimately torn her rotator cuff. Initial offer was $75k with 50K in medical bills and high loss wages. Our firm and implemented layered...

$100,000 Car Accident
Car Accident

This was a disputed liability car wreck where the defendant found a witness that said our client was “flying down the hill” immediately before the wreck. Allstate’s pre-suit offer was 23k, after extensive litigation and detailed deposition, we recovered 100k shortly before trial. The client had numerous gaps in...

$100,000 Car Accident
Car Accident

Defendant made an illegal U-turn and caused a crash with Plaintiff that aggravated a prior back injury and caused Plaintiff to undergo surgery.

$100,000 Car Accident
Car Accident

At fault driver covered by $25,000.00 insurance policy. Lawsuit filed.

$100,000 Pedestrian
Pedestrian Case

$100,000.00 policy limits recovered, despite a denial of liability, for a pedestrian who was found at-fault for stepping out in traffic.

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