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November 23, 2020

Pedestrian Deaths Spike in Georgia

The sudden and unexpected death of a loved one is one of the most traumatic events that a family can withstand. When that death is violent in nature, such as being the victim of a pedestrian-motor vehicle accident, the pain lingers even longer. According to a Nov. 22, 2017 article from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, state statistics from Georgia reveal that pedestrian fatalities have jumped 11 percent compared to 2016 figures. The crux here, according to the article, is that too many people are “darting across” interstates on foot and being struck and killed by passing vehicles. There’s even more insult to injury here, as Georgia already has a law in place designed to protect people stuck on the side of busy roadways.

To attach a number to these sobering statistics, U.S. Department of Transportation figures show that 193 pedestrians were killed in 2015. At the Monge and Associates law firm, where the motto is always “Because You Want To Win,” that’s 193 too many – especially because of Georgia’s “Move Over” law. According to the newspaper, the total of pedestrian fatalities as of late 2017 inched closer to 230 deaths.

“We understand that there are some times that people [who have just been involved in an accident] feel like they need to get out of their car,” Natalie Dale, a Georgia Department of Transportation spokeswoman, told the newspaper. “When you exit your vehicle on the interstate, you are going to drastically increase your chance at becoming a fatality.”

When people wonder why pedestrian deaths are on the rise – especially along busy interstate highways in Georgia, the above statement is a good indicator. For those who have been struck by a vehicle and suspect that the driver failed to adhere to the state’s “Move Over” law, the skilled attorneys at Monge and Associates can help. In short, the law that’s on the books now mandates that motorists traveling adjacent to the shoulder move over when there are stopped vehicles there. With a fine of $500 that can be imposed against those who’ve failed to do so, paying attention while driving can really pay off. However, pedestrians who suffer life-changing injuries due to driver negligence will seldom fine solace in a slap-on-the-wrist fine.

If you’re facing mounting medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering due to an accident, it’s time to reach out to a well-versed law firm that can get you the results you need to get your life back on track. For more information regarding Monge & Associates, please visit our website or contact us at .