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November 23, 2020

Monge & Associates Can Help You Determine Driving, Road Hazards

No matter where you live in the U.S., there’s going to be a roadway hazard out there capable of ruining your day. These can be caused by fellow drivers who aren’t paying attention to the rules of the road or shortcomings of the roadway itself. Either way, you’re in for a long path to recovery and financial restitution should you find yourself injured during a car accident. Fortunately, there are auto experts at the law offices of Monge and Associates who are capable of taking action and getting you the results you deserve. It doesn’t matter if you were driving a car, riding a motorcycle, struck by a truck or were a pedestrian at the time – there are medical bills, lost wages and property damage to recover.

When it comes to literal roadway hazards, the surfaces on which we drive are capable of causing catastrophic damages. Those on the East Coast experience an annual lament as snow that seeped into cracks in the asphalt freezes, expands, melts and then triggers potholes. According to a CBS affiliate in Philadelphia, extreme colds in this region in early 2018 kept crews busy but it similarly forced them to only fill with a gravel mix and wait on applying the proper fix. According to a 2017 article from National Public Radio, the quality of roadways in South Carolina is particularly poor. An American Society of Civil Engineers study found that one out of every five highway miles in the Palmetto State needed repairs. This is of particular interest to Scott Monge of Monge & Associates, as it adds another factor to consider when perusing damages from defendants.

However, it’s just as important to know the benchmarks of determining who is at fault in an accident because such circumstances aren’t always so clear-cut. In Georgia, the state’s department of transportation reported that 1,532 people died in roadway accidents in 2017. The state DOT’s stated “strategic objective” is to “reduce the number of fatalities by 41 each year.” While there is a “Drive Alert, Arrive Alive” campaign underway, the legal experts at Monge and Associates want to take this opportunity to get drivers up to speed on information that could come in handy should they ever be involved in an accident. When determining who is at fault, it’s essential to let legal professionals loose so they can track down witnesses, obtain evidence and document the event as any neutral parties saw it. In Georgia, there are times when driving at or under the speed limit is still unsafe. This includes during inclement weather, on uneven roads and while in construction zones or near schools. While such regulations vary from state to state, an expert legal team can help determine if this was the case and if the other motorist was at fault in an accident that has put your life on hold.

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