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November 22, 2020

How to Celebrate Easter and Passover While Under Quarantine

As we enter a season of renewal during Easter and Passover, we are confronted with a situation that people of our generation have never dealt with. How do we celebrate such a joyous time in the midst of a global pandemic and nationwide quarantine?

While this year’s celebration may look a little different, there are still ways that we can be with family and celebrate a joyous occasion!


For some of us, our favorite part of Easter and Passover with the big, delicious, and traditional meal. The good news is that you can still have that meal, and now you have more time to make it!

Take this time to teach your family how to make your tradition dishes. If you have family that can’t come home, set up a video call so that you can each make your dish together in real time.

However, many grocery stores across the nation are experiencing shortages of specific items, this would be a great time to mix up your meal! Pinterest is a great source to help you find alternative ingredients or even a new dish to try!

Remember that you can only celebrate with family members that live in the same house hold as you, so if your guest list is smaller than usual, don’t forget to scale down the size or number of dishes you will be making.

Easter Eggs and Hunts

It may not be the best time to send little ones out to a playground littered with brightly colored eggs and other children. Look for alternative ways to have Easter Egg hunts. You could have a sized down hunt with just your little ones in your own back yard. Or work together with your community (o HOA) to create a no-contact Easter scavenger hunt. Each house in the neighborhood could decorate a large paper egg to place in their yard or in a front facing window then each family can go around the neighborhood by car, foot, or even bicycle.

Not able to find any eggs? Make some paper mache eggs! You could also paint fun painted rocks to hide as well. Other alternatives include wooden eggs, salt dough eggs, or even egg shaped cookies!

Host a Virtual Passover

Passover is considered a communal family dinner, but how do you commune when you have to stay separate? The answer is Zoom or Facetime Video calls! There are a few foods that are a must-have on your Seder plate. You may be finding these items difficult to find during the grocery store shortages. Check out this list of acceptable substations.

Passover is commonly a time to invite less fortunate guests to dinner. An alternative to inviting these guests is to donate Seder Boxes to others doors so that they are not left behind.

Adjust You Expectations

For many families, Easter and Passover are big celebrations full of fun, food, and extended family gatherings. There is no doubt that this year Easter and Passover will be different. But during this time, it is so important to keep as much normalcy as possible. You can still have a delicious meal, you can still have fun, and you can still see your family – it will just be virtually.

Think of this as a new virtual holiday! We will all have a little adjusting to do, but Easter and Passover can be just as special as always!

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