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East Point Car Accident Lawyer

Car accident injuries can leave you devastated and suffering physically and financially. When you’re hurt, let an car accident lawyer in East Point help your personal injury claim succeed. 

When you’re hurt in a car accident, every aspect of your life may have been impacted. You may have suffered life-changing injuries, mental trauma, and expenses that just keep adding up. At times like these, you may have trouble supporting yourself and your family. 

Don’t let the at-fault party leave you hanging out to dry. Your East Point car accident lawyer at Monge & Associates can help you recover due compensation caused by their negligence.

Insurance Companies After an East Point Car Accident 

When you’re hurt in an East Point car accident, going to the insurance company may seem like your best option for a financial recovery. But because insurance companies are for-profit businesses, that may not be so easy. 

Georgia is also a fault state. That means the at-fault party is the person who caused the accident and is responsible for the cost of your losses. You’ll need to prove the other party is liable for your injuries to get compensated fairly. Luckily, your car accident lawyer in East Point can help you face the insurance company and show you’re due compensation. 

Compensation for East Point Car Accident Victims 

Before you settle with the insurance company or take your East Point car accident claim to court, you need to know what your claim is worth. You’re due compensation for both economic and non-economic losses suffered.

Your economic damages cover all the financial costs of your injuries. Any hospital bills, lost income, or property damages should be included in this total. 

But your non-economic damages shouldn’t be ignored. These intangible damages cover the mental and emotional suffering you’ve experienced that may not have a specific value. Your car accident lawyer can help you determine what your compensation, from your expenses to your pain and suffering, is truly worth. 

Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer? 

After your East Point car accident, you may be unsure whether you should hire a lawyer. You may be worried about the expenses, for example, or think your car accident claim isn’t complicated enough for legal help.

But you probably don’t have the experience and knowledge a car accident lawyer can offer. You’re also injured, which can sap your time, energy, and concentration. The stress of your injuries after a car accident can make it feel impossible to focus on your lawsuit. 

A car accident lawyer can provide experience and peace of mind. They have the tools and skills to influence your claim’s success and will work diligently to see that you get justice. 

Reach Out to a Car Accident Lawyer in East Point 

Car accidents aren’t easy to recover from. You may have suffered severely already, and the at-fault party doesn’t want to pay. Luckily, you don’t have to suffer for their actions. You can instead work with a car accident lawyer at Monge & Associates. Your East Point car accident lawyer is ready to help your claim succeed—just give us a call at 404-481-3826 or complete the following online contact form.