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Decatur Personal Injury Lawyer

Any type of injury, minor or severe, can disrupt your life and those of your loved ones in unimaginable ways. If this injury occurred because another person was negligent, it’s normal to want justice, or at the very least, compensation for the losses suffered. 

Filing a personal injury claim against the parties you believe caused your injuries is the first step to holding them accountable for your damages. However, this process is not straightforward for all personal injury cases; the insurance company might deny your claim, evidence might not be sufficient to prove fault, a defendant might claim you were also at fault, and so on. 

Therefore, it’s always advisable to contact an attorney immediately after an accident or the discovery of injuries. Your Decatur personal injury lawyer will get to work right away to gather evidence and build a strong case against the negligent parties.

The Issue of Negligence in Personal Injury Claims

Negligence is a crucial part of personal injury claims. Your Decatur personal injury attorney has to prove that the other party was negligent and that this caused your injuries.

When a person acts or speaks in a manner that breaches their existing duty of care to other people, they are being negligent and could be held liable for resulting injuries.  

For a successful personal injury claim, you’ll need evidence to prove that the defendant’s negligence was the direct cause of your injuries. Finally, these injuries must have left damages to the plaintiff in one way or another. 

Monetary damages common in most personal injury claims include medical bills, property damage, cost of ongoing care, and lost wages. Other non-economic damages such as physical pain, reputational damage, mental or emotional distress, and decreased quality of life can also be included, depending on your case. If the accident involved gross negligence, you might also be eligible for punitive damages, though this can be rare.  

An attorney’s role is to investigate the accident and gather evidence that’ll prove fault, as well as your overall damages.  

Who’s Responsible for my Injuries?

Identifying the person who’s responsible for your injuries will depend on how the accident happened. In other cases, the negligent party might not be the one who’s financially liable for your compensation. 

Some of the most common causes of personal injuries in Decatur include:

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