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Atlanta Lawyers Helping with “Failure to Reimburse” Claims

Did You Pay for a Service or Amenity That Later Changed Due to Coronavirus? You Are Likely Eligible for Reimbursement.

At the beginning of 2020, no one could have imagined how the COVID-19 pandemic would disrupt every aspect of our lives in a few short months. As the disease spread throughout America, flights and events were canceled, non-essential businesses closed, and people were asked to stay home rather than taking part in leisure activities. Companies in every sector began to feel the economic strain as demand for their services dried up.

Some businesses became stewards of the funds consumers pre-paid for experiences that could no longer be offered. Rather than doing the right thing and returning the money, many companies tried to protect their own bank accounts by holding on to these payments. Despite receiving scathing media attention, many have refused to offer fair refund policies.

For consumers, many of whom have lost their jobs or seen their hours reduced, this reimbursement may be necessary to cover rent and other expenses. However, companies ranging from airlines to universities to ticket sellers have put up obstacles to consumers who are just looking to have their money fairly returned. This is unacceptable, and the team at Monge & Associates vows to fight such blatant greed. If you are facing financial stress because of such a decision, we invite you to reach out to our High Powered Team of attorneys. With America officially in a recession, consumers’ rights must be protected now more than ever.

What to Do If You Have a Claim

At Monge & Associates, are disappointed to see how many companies have used the pandemic as an excuse to hold consumer funds captive, especially in the economic hardships many are facing. When you pay for products or services, you are essentially entering a contract with a company. Just like anyone else, businesses are bound to either fulfill their part or return your money. That’s why we are helping consumers fight back.

Here’s how Monge & Associates’ is geared toward those facing financial strain:

  • Everyone receives a free case evaluation
  • You don’t pay any legal fees until we recover compensation for you
  • We offer a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee: If you’re not happy with the service you receive, you can take your file and will not owe us anything

We want to do our best to help Americans receive the refunds they deserve. Reach out to our team if you think you have a case and we’ll help you understand your legal options.

Same Tuition, Fewer Services

Most universities in America switched to an online-only model in late March, often coinciding with the end of their spring break. The students paying tens of thousands of dollars for quality education are now receiving courses quickly converted to work on e-learning platforms. Aside from the fact that many feel online education is not as effective as in-person lectures and seminars, students believe they should also be refunded for the parts of their educational experience they can no longer access. This includes:

  • Meals
  • Housing
  • Access to campus resources (such as libraries)
  • Access to campus facilities (such as gyms and open space)
  • Interaction with professors and other students

For many schools that offer in-person and online classes, students who choose to learn digitally pay less. Now that all campuses have switched to this model, students whose fees included the benefits of an in-person education feel their tuition should be reduced in a similar manner.

Most frustrating to these claimants is the fact that universities often have multi-million dollar endowments. Additionally, under the CARES act, they have access to more than $14 billion to cover their losses. They have no excuse for keeping students’ full payments with services diminished as they are. If your education has been disrupted by campus shutdowns and you haven’t received reimbursement from your school, talk to our team about filing a claim for partial tuition refunds.

Homeowners’ Associations Refusing Reimbursement

Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs) and other neighborhood organizations often collect funds from community members to provide perks for all. This includes amenities like shared parks, pools, clubs, and golf courses. With the shutdowns, such conveniences can no longer be accessed by those who are funding them.

However, when asked to return member dues, HOAs have claimed the community must still pay for the maintenance of these facilities despite being unable to use them. Worse, while banks are offering leniency for partial or missed mortgage payments, HOAs are still expecting full payment and even threatening to take retaliatory action against those who can’t afford it. For families struggling financially, having to pay for services they can’t even benefit from is a huge hit. Our team is here to help anyone in this position challenge their HOA and demand proper reimbursement.

We are currently offering consultations via phone and email so you can get help from the safety of your own home. Call our High Powered Legal Team any time at (800) 860-8021to discuss your claim. We are here to help 24/7.

Failure to Reimburse


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