Premises Liability

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$80,000 Premises Liability
Premises Liability

Our client slipped on a mat in Kroger and fell hard onto her knee. She went to the ER via EMS then had a knee scope and a partial meniscus tear replacement. The client had surgery on that same knee in the 1980s and the knee was very arthritic....

$150,000 Premises Liability
$150K Torn Rotator Cuff

Our client was a speaker at a venue, as the client was walking off the stage fell off an unsecured step that rolled causing injury that ultimately torn her rotator cuff. Initial offer was $75k with 50K in medical bills and high loss wages. Our firm and implemented layered...

$2,500,000 Premises Liability
$2.5 Million Recovered in litigation of Unsafe Swimming Pool

$2.5 Million litigation recovery for family that lost child due a negligent maintained swimming pool that caused death of child.