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How Long You Have to File a Lawsuit in Georgia After a Car Crash

Scott Monge

If you were in a serious car crash in Georgia, you may be considering filing a lawsuit against the negligent driver who caused the accident. Each state has its own laws regarding how long drivers have after a crash before they can no longer take a negligent driver to court.

When should you contact a personal-injury lawyer?

If you are suffering from injuries you sustained in a Georgia car accident, an Atlanta personal-injury lawyer can examine the circumstances and offer advice on how you should proceed. At Monge & Associates, we have experienced lawyers who have a special interest in helping people who are suffering due to someone else’s negligence.

Contact Monge & Associates today at (800) 860-8021 to discuss your case. We can evaluate your accident and determine if you have a valid claim.

If you intend to file a claim in Georgia, it is important to remember the following information regarding how long you have to do so:

Georgia Lawsuit

As in all states, Georgia has its own laws and statutes of limitations that deal with timeframes for legal cases. If you were in a car accident in Georgia and you intend to file a lawsuit, the Georgia Code requires you to file a personal injury lawsuit within two years. If you intend on doing the same for property damage, you have four years.

It is important to remember that these laws only apply to filing a lawsuit, not an insurance claim, following a car crash. If you intend on filing a claim with an insurance company, do so as soon as possible to avoid any complications.

The more time you have to process your claim, the better your chance will be of delivering a compelling, comprehensive argument. Filing a lawsuit before filing an insurance claim can be a good action to take as it gives you leverage and shows the insurance company that you are serious. If the statute of limitations has expired, the insurance company will know you do not have many other options available.

How do I know when the statue of limitations starts?

There are three potential times that could be the start date of a statute of limitations. According to, it could be the date that you first sustained the injuries, the first time you discovered you had the injuries or the date that you should have realized you had them.

If you have questions regarding how long you have to file a lawsuit, Atlanta personal-injury attorney Scott Monge can help. At Monge & Associates, we handle a variety of cases including car, motorcycle and truck accidents.

Scott Monge has been a member of the State Bar of Georgia for more than 20 years, and he can use his experience to determine if you have a valid claim for medical expenses or lost wages. Call us today at (800) 860-8021 to schedule a free initial consultation — Because You Want to Win.


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